Rider Stories: DART Police Officer Wood


Riders like you aren’t the only passengers on DART Rail or Bus – DART Police also ride. And when they do, they’re on the lookout for your safety, conduct and well-being.

For the final story in this week’s “Your Ride, Our Lookout” series, we visited with DART Police Officer Wood, who gave us a glimpse into how DART’s police force meets the needs of the communities it serves.

DART Police functions just like any other police department and enforces laws, has arrest powers and educates the public on codes of conduct.

Whether it’s stopping someone from running on the tracks as trains are approaching or informing an individual not to smoke at a station, the duties of the job require constant human interaction.

“From sunrise to sundown, our duties are constantly changing,” Wood said. “During the morning rush hour, we receive high volumes of service calls and are on the move from station to station.”

As you commute, you can find DART’s police officers enforcing rules and regulations on board trains and buses, keeping watch as night falls and riders head back to their cars to go home as well as responding to rider calls and medical emergencies.

Such was the case one Monday morning as Wood ushered paramedics to a medical emergency at Morrel Station.

A look out the window of a DART train or bus might be a daydreaming opportunity for some, but serves a different purpose for DART Police. As they pierce through the glass, they’re carefully observing each destination for situations or emergencies that need their attention.

A big part of DART Police’s role is involving itself in community events such as school and daycare visits, reading to children and participating in Coffee with a Cop events.

Woods said these events, along with DART Police’s day-to-day duties, allow the police force to closer connect with local communities and show riders like you that they’re a visible face across the DART System.

Thanks for joining us on this week’s “Your Ride, Our Lookout” series. For more information about our police officers and how DART gets you to your destination, visit DART.org.

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