DART Encourages North Texans to ‘Bike to Work’

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Photo by Creagh Cross 

Bike to Work Day arrives May 18. To celebrate, DART is offering complimentary bike safety checks, refreshments and more at several stations and stops. For complete event details, click here.

This annual nationwide event encourages you to try biking for part of your commute. Whether you’re heading to the office, an appointment or just running an errand, participating in Bike to Work Day helps to relieve congestion and reduce pollution in North Texas.

It makes a lot of sense, too. According to The League of American Bicyclists, 40 percent of all trips in the United States are less than two miles in length. That means for many Americans, riding a bike is a practical way to go places. Furthermore, it’s a healthy, sustainable and affordable method of transportation.

Fortunately, it’s never been easier to combine riding your bike with riding DART. Bringing your bike on board or parking it at one of our transit facilities is simple. Here are seven reasons you should consider biking to work:

1. Helps the environment by doing your share for cleaner air.
2. Provides an easy connection to DART buses and trains so you can explore all things DARTable.
3. Burns calories instead of gas, while improving your health and keeping you fit.
4. Indulges your sense of adventure by introducing you to new people and undiscovered places.
5. Clears traffic congestion and reduces your carbon footprint.
6. Relieves stress by adding exercise into your day.

Now is a great time to combine riding your bike with riding DART.

For a chance to win a $150 gift card from Richardson Bike Mart, take a photo of yourself with your bike at a DART rail station, bus stop or on a bus or train. Share your photo on social media using the hashtag #DARTBike2Work.

We hope Bike to Work Day is the start of something great — your new favorite alternative commute!

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Submit a Selfie for DART’s Bike to Work Challenge Now Through May 16


National Bike to Work Day falls on May 18, and we’re excited to see how you bike and ride.

Whether you’re headed to the office, an appointment or are just running an errand, pairing your bike and transit trips helps relieve congestion and reduce pollution.

Participate in our Bike to Work Challenge now through May 16 for a chance to win a $150 gift card from Richardson Bike Mart.

Challenge Rules:

  • Take a selfie with your bike at a DART station, bus stop or on a train or bus.
  • Share the photo with us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or on Our DART Daily blog using the hashtag #DARTBike2Work.
  • Share your photo by 2 p.m. March 16.

We’ll announce the winner May 18.

DART’s Bike to Work Day Event:

Charge up at the following Energizer Stations May 18 from 7 a.m. to 9 a.m. and receive free bike safety checks, refreshments and more.

Energizer Stations:

Bike DFW, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, area bike groups and local bike shops help bring this event to you.

For more information about Bike to Work Day, visit DART.org.

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Flat David Wraps Up a DARTable Adventure


Thank you for suggesting places for Flat David’s DARTable adventure last week. With so much to see and do in North Texas, he didn’t experience a dull moment.


Last Wednesday, Flat David and his aunt got up close and personal with the Traveling Man in Deep Ellum and marveled at the Mustangs of Las Colinas.

On Thursday, they visited the Dallas World Aquarium, rode the M-Line Trolley to Kylde Warren Park and spent a day in the great outdoors.

In the evening, Flat David visited the Dallas Museum of Art during the reception for the 2018 DART Student Art Contest winners. He enjoyed meeting the young artists and seeing their work.

Friday, Flat David and his aunt rode the Trinity Railway Express to Fort Worth and visited the Fort Worth Zoo.

They also set their eyes on the Farmers Branch Historical Park Saturday before Flat David returned home to Portland, Oregon Sunday.

He had so much to tell his parents!

In class back in Oregon, 7-year-old David and his classmates read “Flat Stanley”, a book by Jeff Brown about a boy named Stanley who turned flat (but, unhurt) when a bulletin board fell on him. Stanley’s parents took advantage of his flat condition and mailed him to visit relatives in California.

David’s class gained inspiration from the book to take part in a “Flat Stanley” assignment of their own.

We’re glad Flat David experienced North Texas. Although he was sad his visit with titia Linda came to an end, he looked forward to sharing stories about his DARTable adventure with his classmates.

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EarthX Simple Truths


Girls walk across a lawn Friday afternoon at Fair Park during EarthX 2018.

Taking steps toward environmental sustainability may seem like a difficult task, but simple steps like riding public transportation can be an easy way you can positively impact the planet.

This week on Instagram, EarthX took over our account sharing the following simple truths about the environment ahead of its three-day celebration April 20-22 at Fair Park:

SIMPLE TRUTH: Dallas takes the running as the 11th most polluted city in the U.S., and North Texas has the highest ozone levels in the entire state.

SIMPLE TRUTH: Oceans generate every second breath we take, and 8 million tons of plastic populate oceans annually.

SIMPLE TRUTH: Planting trees helps the environment. A single tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

SIMPLE TRUTH: Large portions of the Arctic Ocean experience alarming warm winter days, with surface temperatures exceeding 25 degrees above normal.

Ride DART to EarthX at Fair Park now through April 22 and reduce your carbon footprint, impact on warming trends, and learn more about positive solutions for the planet.

When you ride DART’s Green Line to Fair Park Station, the entrance gates to Fair Park lie steps away. MLK, Jr. Station also serves Fair Park at Gate 6, near Cotton Bowl Stadium. From downtown Dallas, take the Green Line with signs that read BUCKNER, LAWNVIEW or FAIR PARK.

Check out these travel tips to ensure your trip to EarthX is a breeze. And, for more information about riding DART to EarthX visit DART.org.

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Faces of DART: Alexandra’s Story

Faces of DART highlights the stories of everyday North Texans who benefit from a strong transit system.

Today we’re introducing Alexandra Heller-Relayze, a member of the staff of the City of Dallas who says transit helps save wear and tear on her car and even helps her achieve her exercise goals.

Check out the video below to hear what transit means to Alexandra – and how it’s helping riders in our region drive less and save money.

Stay tuned for our next Faces of DART story highlighting the benefits of a strong transit network for North Texas.

Do you have a story about how transit benefits you, your family, or your community? Visit the Faces of DART page and you could be one of the many Faces of DART.

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend

5 Star Van with ladies and dog

Guests visit a DART tabke at Earth Day Texas in Fair Park April 2017.

Happy Earth Day! It’s here right on time for spring again, and so is the popular weekend-long celebration in Dallas – this year, re-christened “EARTHx.” There’s also a book fair, a cool farmers’ market, and lots going on at North Texas cultural institutions. DART will get you to all them, and save you the hassles of traffic and parking.

Thursday, April 19

No, Thursday isn’t the weekend, but you can think of it as a kind of pre-game. In this case, an artsy one. The businesses Deep Ellum’s Main Street will have their doors open for the neighborhood’s monthly Wine Walk, where you can get a $10, specially designed wine glass to be topped off at the neighborhood’s many galleries and shops. Take the Green Line to Baylor University Medical Center Station, and make Kettle Art Gallery (2650-B Main St.) your first stop.

Friday, April 20

EARTHx kicks off today and runs all weekend in Fair Park. The free event brings together environmental organizations, businesses, academic institutions and others – all told, more than 900 exhibitors and 260 speakers. Springtime fun will be in the air, as well, with live music, food and beer. There’s a reason this entertaining festival draws more than 100,000 attendees. Don’t miss the chance to check out one of DART’s new electric buses while you’re there! The Green Line will take you right to Fair Park Station.

For art lovers who are night owls, as well, a pair of events is right up your alley. ‘til Midnight at the Nasher presents live music and film screenings in the garden of the Nasher Sculpture Center; right across the street, Late Nights at the Dallas Museum of Art offers more performances, readings, tours and more. Both events run until midnight. Take any DART Rail line to Pearl/Arts District or St. Paul stations and walk three blocks north – or catch the D-Link (Route 722) or the M-Line Trolley directly to the neighboring venues.

Saturday, April 21

Do you know someone who’s a fan of teen literature? The North Texas Teen Book Festival takes place today at the Irving Convention Center, which has a station named after it on the Orange Line. It’s a free event hosted by the Irving Public Library, and there will be several popular authors on hand.

If you like to peruse fresh produce, baked goods, jams, and crafty wares, the Marketplace of Garland has you covered. Taking place right in the heart of the downtown square, the farmers’ market also supports Good Samaritans of Garland, who will be accepting donated canned and boxed food items, if you’re so inclined. To get there, take the Blue Line to Downtown Garland Station.

Another of our region’s charming, DARTable town squares plays host to a free movie screening tonight. Bring your kids and a blanket to Downtown Carrollton, where Sing will begin at sunset. The family favorite concerns a dapper Koala (voiced by Matthew McConaughey) determined to save his once-grand theater, which has fallen on hard times. His plan: Produce the world’s greatest singing competition. Will he restore the faded jewel to its former glory? Take the Green line to Downtown Carrollton Station and find out.

Sunday, April 22
The WaterTower Theatre’s production of Bread hits its mid-run stride this weekend. The drama combines the stuff of human relationships with a background of turbulent social upheaval. The venue’s a short walk from Addison Transit Center.

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Your EarthX 2018 Travel Guide

Discover ways to improve the planet and ride DART to EarthX April 20-22 at Fair Park.

We’ve created an EarthX travel guide to make your trip to progress in environmental stewardship and sustainability a breeze:

1. Plan your trip with mobile tools
Riding DART to the EarthX is easier when you use our mobile travel tools:

  • Use DART’s GoPass app to buy your transit passes in advance, but don’t activate them until the day you go to the event. The app features travel tools such as the trip planner, Where’s My Bus® and Where’s My TrainSM locators, links to ride-sharing services and travel alerts.
  • Our Twitter alerts page offers real-time information. Follow our updates at @DARTalerts.
  • M.DART.org – DART’s Mobile Site – has a trip planner, bus and train locators, rider alerts and point-to-point schedules.
  • Call the Customer Information Center at 214-979-1111 seven days a week. Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

2. Use the whole train when boarding
It’s natural to want to get on at the closest door – that’s why some sections are often more crowded. Stretch out a little! Look for the doors without a line. And don’t forget, the center section of each vehicle has low floors that are level with the platform – perfect for riders with strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility devices.

3. Use MLK, Jr. Station, too
Most DART riders understand they can ride DART’s Green Line to Fair Park Station and the entrance gates to Fair Park lie steps away. But, MLK, Jr. Station also serves Fair Park at Gate 6, near Cotton Bowl Stadium. From downtown Dallas, take the Green Line with signs that read BUCKNER, LAWNVIEW or FAIR PARK.

4. Park free at a DART station
Skip the hassle and expense of parking at Fair Park. Park for free at any DART transit center and rail station with park-and-ride parking lots. Find locations at DART.org.

We hope these helpful tips make your EartnX visit a fun adventure!

For more information about EarthX, visit earthx.org. And, to learn more about riding DART to the festival, visit DART.org or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.

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Flat David’s DARTable Adventure

IMG_8943 editDavid attends elementary school in Portland Oregon as a high-energy and adventurous 7-year-old.

In class, David and his classmates read “Flat Stanley”, a book by Jeff Brown about a boy named Stanley who turns flat (but, unhurt) when a bulletin board falls on him.

In the book, Stanley’s parents take advantage of his flat condition and send him in an envelope to visit relatives in California.

David’s class gained inspiration from the book to take part in a “Flat Stanley” assignment of their own. In the assignment they created a flat version of themselves and sent it to relatives for an adventure.

Flat David arrived in Dallas Monday via U.S. Postal Service to visit his titia (aunt) Linda for a DARTable adventure.

Tuesday, they enjoyed a bike-share ride around downtown, visited the Giant Eyeball and ate a late lunch at Sol Irlandes Mexican Chop House on Main street. Titia Linda even got him a DART T-shirt!

Their DARTable adventure continues today with a visit to the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, but they need your help to decide what other DARTable destinations to visit this week. Give your suggestions in the comment section below or on DART’s Facebook and Twitter pages.

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Ask DART: GoPass Tap Card

Ask DART logo.png

Got questions? We’ve got answers.

Join us in our Ask DART series as we answer some of your questions about DART. Post your questions on Facebook or Twitter using the #AskDART hashtag or make a comment in the comment section below. We’ll consider all inquiries and will feature some of your submissions.

Question: I know there are going to be fare changes this summer, but I also heard there is a new payment card that offers some sort of discount?

Answer: Thank you for your question. The card you are referring to is the GoPass Tap Card that is expected to be introduced in late summer or early fall.

Here’s how it works: You will purchase a GoPass Tap Card for any initial amount you choose between $6 and $200 at participating retailers. We encourage you to then register your card at GoPass.org to protect the balance on your card in case you lose it as well as other benefits.

Once you have your card, just touch your GoPass ® Tap card to the electronic reader every time you board or transfer on a bus or train. Your fare will be deducted automatically and you’ll be charged the best fare every time you ride. Once your monthly trips reach the total cost of a monthly pass, your remaining trips in any calendar month are free.

Fare capping also will be available soon in the enhanced GoPass app. If you have any other questions related to this, visit DART.org/farerestructure.

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Connect to a Sustainable Future and DART to EarthX 2018


Discover what it means to sustain your world and improve the planet when you ride DART to EarthX April 20-22 at Fair Park.

The three-day event celebrates innovation, hope and progress in environmental stewardship and sustainability.

As the world’s largest environmental gathering, the festival brings together thought leaders, academics, government bodies as well as interactive programming, live music and sustainable bear and food.

Don’t miss EarthXFilm, the festival’s showcase of films and emerging media that explores conservation, climate change and people who work to protect the planet. The film showcase runs through April 22 in Fair Park and at different location in Dallas. Visit earthxfilm.org for a list of films and locations.

To attend EARTX, ride DART’s Green Line to Fair Park Station and the entrance gates to Fair Park lie steps away.

For more information about EarthX, visit earthx.org. And, to learn more about riding DART to the festival, visit DART.org or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.

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