Help Sustain the Environment and Ride Electric on DART Light Rail Trains

As part of DART’s celebration of National Drive Electric Week, we’re sharing interesting facts about our electric light rail system. You make a positive impact on our region’s air quality every time you hop on board DART Rail instead of driving.

You may already know that DART operates the longest electric light rail system in North America. At 93 miles, our system has more track than any other transit agency, and our light rail ridership is among the top, too. In Fiscal Year 2018, our customers took 28.9 million passenger trips on DART Rail.

But did you know that most electric rail transit vehicles – including light rail, subways and streetcars – emit little or no pollution? According to the American Public Transportation Association’s 2019 Fact Book, electric rail systems produce up to 73% less carbon dioxide emissions per passenger mile than an average single-occupancy vehicle, such as a car, truck or SUV.

You might be curious to know just how much electricity DART Rail consumes.

DART’s light rail system requires about 9.5 million kilowatt hours per month of electricity from the Texas General Land Office and Garland Power & Light that feeds into 68 mainline substations along the rail lines. These substations convert more than 13,000 volts of AC electrical power into 845 volts of DC energy to run the trains and keep you on the move.

Since 2011, National Drive Electric Week has focused on celebrating and spreading awareness of electric vehicles. Learn more about how you can better sustain the environment using electric modes of transportation at, and DART Rail Facts.


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DART: Delivering Economic Benefits to North Texas

DART doesn’t just provide North Texans with flexible transit options; we also provide our region with significant economic benefits.

Since 1996, DART Rail has not only helped connect riders and community members, but has also created billions of dollars in development for the regional economy.

Economic Benefits by the Numbers

DART has driven investment, strengthened local communities, and added economic value throughout North Texas. Here are just a few examples of what that means for the people who live and work here:

  • 43,000 new jobs and $3 billion in wages over 2014 – 2015 alone
  • $10.8 billion+ increase in property values
  • $229 million in tax revenue going back into our communities
  • $7.1 billion+ in total economic impact

Where DART goes, our region—and our economy—grows. With continued investment, DART will help advance a robust North Texas economy for generations to come.

Transit-Oriented Development Takes Off

One way DART is adding to North Texas’ economic development is through transit-oriented development. Increasingly, residential and commercial developers try to site new projects near public transportation options. Flexible transportation and more walkable, pedestrian-focused communities provide extra incentives for homeowners, renters, and businesses to participate in forward-thinking urban and suburban development.

Transit-oriented development is more than just the latest trend; it is the future of sustainable community-building. Equal parts urban planning, suburban renewal, and eco-friendly, sustainable design, transit-oriented development merges residential living with shopping, dining, and entertainment—all centered around multi-modal transit systems like DART.

You don’t have to look far to find examples of transit-oriented development right here in North Texas—it seems like a new project is being announced or unveiled every week. One new project in downtown Carrollton, for example, is catalyzing economic and community growth by connecting residents and commuters to Carrollton’s DART commuter rail station. The project, Olympus on Broadway, represents the fourth phase of a mixed-use apartment and retail development that will add 383 rental units over a five-acre tract. It is the culmination of a successful eight-year effort to revitalize downtown Carrollton, attracting new businesses and residents that are helping breathe new life into the city.

See the recent Dallas Morning News feature on the Olympus on Broadway project to learn more.

A Mobile North Texas is a Prosperous North Texas

DART is driving a revolution in transit-oriented development with the support of the people of North Texas who recognize the value of a truly multi-modal transportation future (even if they don’t ride transit personally). Together, we’re doing more than just connecting people with employment, education, and entertainment opportunities – we’re helping residents, commuters, and visitors see what enhanced mobility means for the entire economy.

Transit is at the core of economic development in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. DART works closely and partners with local residential and retail developers, businesses, municipalities, and civic groups to help keep the North Texas region on the right track, ensuring our region remains nimble, competitive, and provides new economic and cultural benefits.

For more information on how DART is helping connect employees and job-seekers with jobs, students with educational opportunities, residents and visitors with dining and entertainment options, and patrons with local businesses check out the transit-oriented development page on our website. DART can continue to power a stronger economy throughout North Texas by helping connect all parts of life for people from all walks of life who call our region home.

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DART to Midway Rides, Fried Food and Texas-Style Fun


State Fair of Texas

Big Tex is rested and getting ready to emcee another 24 days of corny dogs, rides and all those other things only available at the State Fair of Texas. The State Fair kicks off Sept. 27 and it’s totally DARTable. Follow these steps for a smooth ride.

Use two great ways to pay and save
Avoid the lines at the ticket vending machine with DART’s free GoPass app. You can even buy your fair admission through the app and save $2. There are a bunch of other cool features, too, like travel tools and events. Download GoPass from the App Store or Google Play.

A new option for this year is the GoPass® Tap card, a reloadable transit card. You purchase and add value on the card at hundreds of retail locations, such as participating 7-Eleven and Tom Thumb stores. Then simply “tap and go” at card readers located on rail platforms and on buses. Find out more at

Pay the right fare
A Local Day Pass is $6, and an AM/PM Pass (good either before or after noon, respectively) is only $3. Purchase your DART passes in advance on the GoPass app (Do not activate them until the day you go to the Fair). For detailed fare information, visit

Park and ride
You can park at any of DART’s Park & Ride lots. To find the location closest to you, visit or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.

Get on the Green Line
The Green Line takes you straight to the Fair. Two stations – Fair Park and MLK, Jr. – put you within steps of the iconic Texas experience.

If the station you board at isn’t on the Green Line, no worries. You can transfer to DART’s other three light rail lines at numerous points in and around downtown Dallas. If you ride the Trinity Railway Express (TRE) or DCTA A-train, you’re in luck there, too. Transfers are a snap since both connect directly to the Green Line.

Enjoy the Fair
Fried food, festivities and family fun await within a few steps of the DART Rail platform. Live music, the coolest new cars, pig races – it’s all here. And this year, you’ll find new exhibits, new entertainment and new treats on the Midway to add to the experience. When your tip to the Fair is over, simply board the Green Line and return the same way you came.

Learn more at


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Ride Electric on DART’s Proterra Catalyst Buses

National Drive Electric Week continues through Sept. 22. Join us as we celebrate the role  electric vehicles play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions by riding one of DART’s 35-foot Proterra Catalyst battery-electric buses.

Did you know Proterra buses produce zero tailpipe emissions and decrease your dependency on fossil fuels? When you ride an electric bus, you help us improve air quality in North Texas. Each time a zero-emission bus replaces a clean diesel or compressed natural gas vehicle, emissions are reduced by more than 200,000 pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

These buses are easy to find, especially if you travel around downtown Dallas or along the Stemmons Corridor (I-35E).

DART operates its electric buses on Route 749, which connects the Convention Center and Southwestern Medical District/Parkland stations. Simply riding these ultra-quiet buses is a neat experience, but you also can reach these places of interest and employment centers along the way:

Two overhead fast-chargers at Convention Center Station enable the buses to power up via a roof-mounted charging dock while they wait for customers. The vehicles recharge quickly, going from a 10% state of charge to 90% in about 10 minutes.

Eight battery packs power the bus – six on the bottom and two on the top. Each vehicle can travel up to 30 miles on a full charge, which is more than enough for a round trip on Route 749.

At night or during maintenance activities, the buses can plug into one of two plug-in depot chargers, located at the bus operating facility. The buses start the next day of service at full power after an initial quick charge at Convention Center Station.

DART began operating the Proterra buses in July 2018. The agency received a $7.5 million grant from the Federal Transit Administration’s Low or No Emission Vehicle Deployment Program (LoNo Program) toward the purchase of seven electric buses and the infrastructure to charge and maintain them. Grants from the LoNo program are helping more public transportation agencies integrate these cutting-edge vehicles into their fleets.


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Keeping DART Riders Safe and Secure

DART is committed to providing our North Texas riders with an enjoyable, safe and secure ride to wherever their journey takes them. With security always on our mind, here are some of the ways we’re working to keep everyone safe on DART.

DART Police:

DART established its own police force in 1989 to uphold our mission of operating the safest transit system possible. With more than 200 officers, DART police have all the rights, privileges, obligations, and duties of any other peace officer in Texas. DART police enforce applicable laws, maintain cooperative relationships with law enforcement agencies, and provide responsive police services on and near DART transit systems.

TSA Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) Teams:

The Transportation Security Administration’s Visible Intermodal Prevention and Response (VIPR) teams periodically conduct high visibility patrols throughout the DART system. VIPR teams are comprised of TSA Air Marshals and the program is designed to “augment the security of any mode of transportation at any location within the United States.” VIPR teams can be deployed throughout the United States to work with federal, state and local transportation stakeholders to prevent and deter acts of terrorism against U.S. transportation systems. VIPR teams may also be deployed for special events such as the Superbowl, other large sporting events or special events such as the presidential inauguration. The DART Police Department also receives help from VIPR teams during the State Fair of Texas each year.

Security Cameras at Transit Centers and Platforms:

Smile, you’re on DART camera! DART Police maintain and monitor security cameras at all transit centers, rail stations, on buses and light rail vehicles throughout the DART system.

See Something, Say Something:

DART’s Say Something Safety and Security App is the easiest, most discreet way to report safety concerns directly to DART Police.

Available for free from the Apple Store or Google Play, the DART Say Something app allows you to send text, photos and videos to report suspicious activity. The app also provides safety alerts from DART Police, allows you to share your location on a map, and indicates whether you need help.

For more information about the DART Say Something Safety and Security App, visit or call DART Customer Information at 214-979-1111.

Safe Place:

DART is a member of the Safe Place program. This non-profit organization builds community safe havens for young people in crisis. The Safe Place program gives help immediately to those in crisis by extending the reach of local youth services, shelters, and organizations. Young people in crisis can approach DART staff and let them know they need help. DART staff is trained to work in coordination with other local organizations to transport children and youth to safety.

If you see something suspicious, or have questions or concerns, customers can always contact DART Police at (214) 928-6300.

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Celebrate National Drive Electric Week Sept. 14-22

Want to make the switch to a cleaner and efficient commute with an electric vehicle but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you covered.

When you ride DART Rail, you are traveling on one of our 163 electric-powered light rail vehicles. DART operates seven battery-electric Proterra buses on Route 749, which serves the Stemmons Corridor and Design District. And DART operates and maintains four battery-electric Dallas Streetcar vehicles for the city of Dallas, connecting Eddie Bernice Johnson Union Station to the Bishop Arts District with several stops in between.

But you thought we meant electric cars? We have you covered there, too. Next week, DART is participating in National Drive Electric Week in conjunction with the Dallas-Fort Worth Clean Cities Coalition.

National Drive Electric Week, Sept. 14-22, is a nationwide celebration to heighten awareness of today’s widespread availability of plug-in vehicles and highlight the benefits of all-electric and plug-in hybrid-electric cars, trucks, motorcycles and more.

Throughout the week, we’ll be sharing more information about DART’s electric trains and buses and how riding public transportation helps reduce fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions.

The week caps off with a Drive Electric Week event on from Saturday, Sept. 21, 10 a.m.-2 p.m. at DART’s own North Irving Transit Center at Irving Convention Center Station. Touted as the largest gathering of electric vehicles in Texas, this is an opportunity to get an up-close view of electric vehicles and talk to owners who have made the switch from gasoline-powered cars. DART will be there, too, with free tours of our Proterra battery-electric bus. Visit for more information.


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Silver Line Q&A: Next Stop… Collaboration

The Silver Line project is moving forward, and DART is working to keep you updated every step of the way.

Today, we want to take a closer look at how DART is collaborating with the community to keep you informed and get feedback and insights from you that will be instrumental in shaping the project.

Where can I get more information?

The Silver Line is now in the pre-construction phase. There are multiple ways for you to find more information about what that means for you and your community:

We also recently launched our Silver Line Q&A to answer questions we frequently receive about the project, its timeline, how we are mitigating community impacts,  and other considerations.  We’ll be answering questions on a rolling basis, so tune into the DART Daily regularly to see the latest from the Silver Line Q&A.

Can I attend a community meeting?

The short answer is, yes.  You’re more than welcome to attend.  We will be hosting these meetings regularly throughout North Texas, giving you a chance to learn more about different aspects of the project and ask questions directly of our DART experts. Check out our webpage for details on upcoming meetings.

I have a question; who can I ask?

We understand you might have a question you can’t find on the website or that is specific to your local area. Good news! There are so many ways to stay in touch:

  • Sign-up for project alerts at
  • Email us at [email protected]
  • Connect with us on
  • Tweet us your question using #SilverLineQandA
  • Call the DART hotline at 972‐833‐2856
  • Reach out to one of our Community Engagement Representatives:
    • Chris Walters: 214‐749‐3280 (North Dallas, Richardson and Plano)
    • Carlos Huerta: 214‐749‐2721 (DFW International Airport, Cypress Waters and Coppell)
    • Rosa Rosteet: 214‐749‐2522 (Addison and Carrollton)

Keeping the community involved in the process is of paramount importance to DART. We want to ensure the North Texans who will benefit from the newest addition to public transit in our area have as much input as possible to ensure a system that works for everyone.

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend

This weekend, you have a double opportunity to walk for a good cause as well as a chance to experience comedy, vintage shopping or an evening of Indian theater. Pull up your GoPass app or whip out your GoPass Tap card and head to these DARTable events.

Friday, Sept. 13

Plano Comedy Festival started Thursday night runs through Sunday. The laugh fest features 85 up-and-coming local stand-up comedians plus national headliners, improv troupes and other funny business. It’s a jam-packed schedule, and that’s not even counting the after-parties. Tomorrow, that is, Saturday, Sept. 14, you can even catch some free, family-friendly entertainment at McCall Plaza in Downtown Plano. The rest of the festival takes place at Hub Streat, a lively bar and grill located on 14th St. It’s all just around the corner from Downtown Plano Station.

The Royal Dilemma opens tonight at Irving Arts Center. The musical is set in India and was created by Indians, but it’s performed in English. It’s an exotic fantasia with distant lands, bygone times, paupers, kings, priests and thieves. It’s full of Indian music, dance and drama, and you can get there by catching Bus Route 401 from the Orange Line’s North Lake College Station. The play runs through Sept. 28.

Saturday, Sept. 14

The 2019 Dallas Heart Walk happens today, with check-in starting at 6:30 a.m. near the base of Reunion Tower. The American Heart Association’s annual event is popular; DART has added additional Red Line service from Plano to get you there quickly and comfortably. Get off at EBJ Union Station. There’s an underground walkway to Reunion Tower. Of course, you can also get there on the Blue Line or the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). If you’re on the Green or Orange line, just transfer downtown. Opening ceremonies begin at 8:30 a.m.

The Urban Flea is Garland’s market of vintage finds, antiques and artfully repurposed goods. You’ll find dozens of vendors in the city’s historic downtown square, a short stroll from Downtown Garland Station on the Blue Line. There’s also live music. And while you’re there, check out the neighborhood’s mom-and-pop shops and restaurants.

Sunday, Sept. 15

The Anti-Defamation League Walk Against Hate is a two-mile walk that brings the diverse communities of Dallas together to fight discrimination. The ADL has hosted walks in several cities, but this is the first in Dallas. Walkers raise funds for the organization, which for champions civil rights and confronts inequality. The event happens in Victory Plaza and the surrounding streets. That’s right on the other side of American Airlines Center from Victory Station on the Green and Orange line. The walk commences at 9:30 a.m., with check-in at 8 a.m.; from 8-11 a.m., there’s a Walk Against Hate Main Stage Entertainment and Diversity Expo, with local non-profits sharing the good work they do. Visit the ADL website to find out more.

Greater Tuna is a much-beloved take on small-town Texas life. Two actors create the entire population of Tuna – Texas’ third-smallest town. Two actors and 20 characters (we told you it was small) add up to lots of laughs in this crowd-pleaser. It’s presented by Pocket Sandwich Theatre, right across the street from Mockingbird Station on the Red, Blue and Orange lines. The show is at 7 p.m., not a matinee. The production runs through Sept. 21.


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Tips for Traveling on DART During the State Fair of Texas


It’s almost time for the State Fair of Texas® to return to Fair Park in Dallas. This year, the Fair will run Sept. 27-Oct. 20.

Since Fair Park is DARTable, our regular DART riders should expect to see more people than usual on trains, rail platforms and some bus routes. Customers should anticipate large crowds on college football game days (Sept. 28, Oct. 12 and Oct. 19), Columbus Day (Oct. 14), student Fair days, and on days where there is a big Main Stage musical act.

To have a more enjoyable commute, here are a few things DART wants its customer to know:

Check for special schedules
DART’s normal hours of rail service are roughly 5 a.m. to midnight. However, during the Fair, DART will offer more frequent and extended service, including special game-day service for the Texas/OU game on Oct. 12. Visit to view special DART Rail schedules.

Use your GoPass app®
The GoPass app is a great travel tool year-round, but particularly during the Fair. You can buy DART transit passes, purchase discounted State Fair entrance tickets, and plan trips – all from your smartphone. Check for updates to ensure you have the latest version of GoPass.

Head to a farther door when boarding
It’s natural to get on at the closest train entrance – that’s why some sections are often more crowded. Stretch out a little! Look for the doors without a line. And inside the train, take a seat if you can or move to the center of the vehicle if you are standing.

Sign up for DART Alerts
Staying “in the know” while traveling to your destination isn’t always easy. Fortunately, DART makes it easier with My DART Updates, a free service that allows subscribers to receive rider alerts and service notifications by SMS/text message or email. Sign up at and be sure to select “DART State Fair Service Information” along with other topics like “All DART Rider Alerts.”

Please help the Special Event riders
Customers who ride DART infrequently, or are trying transit for the first time, may need a little assistance from the regular riders. Offer to show people how to use the ticket vending machines. Tell others about the GoPass app. Press the button if the train doors don’t open automatically. Share the best stops to switch trains to get to the Green Line. A little kindness will make for a smoother trip for everyone.

Find more at or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.


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The World Food Championships Are DARTable


Watch up-and-coming culinary stars compete for thousands of dollars in prize money at the eighth annual World Food Championships. Victory never tasted so good! It’s all happening Oct.16 – 20 on the Reunion Tower Lawn in downtown Dallas. Deliciousness is only a DART ride away.

First held in 2012, the World Food Championships has launched the careers of 30 television food stars and given away more than $1.8 million in prize money. It also has transformed food into a sport by building a creative culinary festival that gives the best of the best an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of judges.

The World Food Championships is the largest competition in the sport, where past grand champions come together for a chance to win the ultimate food crown and share hundreds of thousands of dollars in prize money. As a foodie fan, this is a chance to see today’s home chefs turn into tomorrow’s food stars. The 2018 edition of this competition featured more than 30,000 fans watching nearly 500 teams and more than 1,500 contestants from 42 states and 12 countries compete.

Order your tickets at to witness the most creative food champions or enter for a chance to show off your own culinary skills. Fancy yourself a foodie? The World Food Championships could also be your chance to be a judge or volunteer.

No matter how you attend — as a fan, volunteer, judge or chef — DART is the best way to get there. Take your taste buds on an adventure at this fun and DARTable festival.

Getting to the World Food Championships on DART is simple. Just ride the Red or Blue Line or Trinity Railway Express to EBJ Union Station. Then, take a short walk to the Reunion Tower Lawn. Free parking is available at many DART facilities. For a complete list, visit the parking locations map on

See you on board for the World Food Championships!

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