The D2 Subway: Your Official Guide to North Texas’ Newest Subway

As summer winds down, DART’s winding up, especially when it comes to moving forward on projects like the D2 Subway. We know that it’s been awhile since we dug in (pun intended) to the details of the D2 Subway.  That’s why we’re giving you a refresh on the ins and outs of how DART plans to break ground on North Texas’ newest subway. Check out the info below to learn all you need to on portals, tunnel boring machines, stations, and more.

Anatomy of a Subway

Although a subway station may not look like much from the outside, once you move underground, there is an open subterranean level that can accommodate many people as they move to and from the subway.

Some folks might think a portal means a station, but not so when it comes to subway construction. Unlike fully developed subterranean stations, portals simply refer to the entrance and exit from below ground to above-ground. Learn more about the proposed portal locations for the D2 Subway.

Digging underground is a lot more difficult than it may first appear. Different structures underground including the foundations of buildings, utility wires, and a system of pipes can present challenges when building a new underground mode of transit. Learn more about a Tunnel Boring Machine (TBM) that assists in creating a safe tunnel for the D2 Subway.

As an alternative to the tunnel boring machine, the Sequential Evacuation Method (SEM) may be employed.  Additionally the Cut and Cover method may be used in transition areas from a portal to the actual tunnel until it reaches significant depth.

Breaking down the D2 Subway

Just like the anatomy of the human body looks at all of the complex bones, ligaments, and muscles that make a body function; the anatomy of a subway takes a look at all of the intricate engineering pieces that go into making an underground train function safely, and efficiently. We know that large-scale transit projects like the D2 Subway can be confusing, so that’s why we’ve broken it down into smaller sections, so take a look at these “anatomic” parts, and sign up for updates so you can get the latest on the D2 Subway.

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New Fare System Benefits Riders Like You

DART’s new fare structure and ticketing options arrive August 18. Fare capping helps you get the best deal with every ride, and, with the new GoPass® app or a registered GoPass® Tap card, you get more rides for your money.

See how the new fare system benefits riders like you:

Istock 76568505.Nicole

Meet Nicole: Most weekdays and some Saturdays, Nicole spends $6 on a Day Pass through the GoPass® app. Today, she checked her GoPass® Wallet to see how many passes she’d purchased and activated this month — she’s up to 14 days, or $84. Way to go, Nicole! With just two more Day Passes — or by spending $12 more — she won’t have to pay for another pass until the next calendar month.


Istock 76568505.Tim

Meet Tim: At 10 a.m., he taps his way aboard a bus, and the system automatically charges him $2 for a Midday Pass. When he boards another bus at 1 p.m., the system does not charge him again — he’s still within the Midday Pass period. When he taps aboard a third bus at 3 p.m., the system charges Tim an additional $3 for a PM Pass. His total trip cost $5 — still less than a day pass!



Meet Jordan: Jordan taps the card reader at various times throughout her day with a registered GoPass® Tap card during the first part of a calendar month. Her total taps at the card reader equal the cost of a Monthly Pass. Good news, Jordan: No need to pay another penny — you’re covered until next month. What if Jordan used the GoPass® App instead? If she activates $96 worth of passes during a calendar month, a Monthly Pass will appear in her GoPass® Wallet.


Learn more about the new fare system at

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend


It’s the last weekend of summer for lots of area schoolkids. Luckily, there are DARTable, family-friendly events, as well as farmers’ markets and cultural offerings this weekend. Get out, get on DART and enjoy the last of summer. 

Thursday, Aug. 16

Go local! Get yourself some farm-fresh, Texas veggies and check out homegrown live music while you’re at it. Rowlett Farmers Market has plenty of other fun stuff, too, and it takes place from 5-8 p.m. on Main Street, a short jaunt from the Downtown Rowlett Station on the Blue Line.

Friday, Aug. 17

It’s the last day of the season for Beat the Heat this Summer at the Reunion Tower GeO-Deck. The panoramic view is one of the best in town, and you can also enjoy a little bingo – including a chance to win cool prizes. Did you know there’s a pedestrian tunnel from Union Station to Reunion Tower? There is, and the Blue and Red lines, in addition to the Trinity Railway Express (TRE), will get you there.

Sometimes the only way to beat the heat in August is to stay up late. The Nasher Sculpture Center will be glad to stay up with you, and even provide entertainment and other cool stuff. This round of ’til Midnight at the Nasher features Tess Roby, an up-and-coming musician who’s handy with a synth, followed by a 9:15 p.m. screening of David Lynch’s “The Straight Story.” Afterwards, hang out and enjoy a cash bar, street tacos, all-natural popsicles and, of course, the Nasher’s acclaimed collection. Get there by taking any DART Rail line to St. Paul Station and walking a few blocks, or catching the D-Link (Route 722).

Saturday, Aug. 18

If you’ve already eaten all the fresh produce you got on Thursday, no worries. The Marketplace Garland is there for you, featuring lots of green stuff as well as baked goods, culinary items, and local artisans and craftsmen selling their wares. You can bring canned or boxed food items to donate at the Good Samaritans booth, if you like. The event happens from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the heart of Garland’s historic downtown square – a short walk from Downtown Garland Station on the Blue Line.

An outing to Fort Worth on the TRE can be fun, and today would be a good day to do it. From the Lands of Asia: The Sam and Myrna Myers Collection closes tomorrow at the Kimbell Art Museum, and the TRE doesn’t run on Sundays. The art is pretty fascinating: It tells the stories of Asia through beautiful displays of Chinese jade, blue and white porcelain, and more. There are hundreds of pieces to marvel at. Get off the TRE at Fort Worth’s ITC Station, then catch Trinity Metro bus routes 2 or 7.

Sunday, Aug. 19

Pix on the Plaza is just as it sounds, a free outdoor movie on the plaza by the Toyota Music Factory. Fun and games start at 8 p.m., followed by the Pixar classic “Up.” Grab a blanket or chair and head to Irving Convention Center Station on the Orange Line. The Music Factory is a short walk away.

If you’re a musical theater lover, don’t miss your last chance to catch The Firehouse Theatre’s production of The Music Man. The classic follows a fast-talking traveling salesman as he cons the people of River City, only to fall for the town librarian. The show is jam-packed with recognizable tunes. The theatre is a short walk from Farmers Branch Station on the Green Line.

Where are you going this weekend on DART? Let us know in the comments.

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Ask DART: Fare Changes


Question: When will fare changes go into effect?


Most fare changes will go into effect August 18, 2018. Day pass vouchers purchased by social agencies and government entities will go into effect November 2018. Corporate program fare changes will go into effect January 2019 and Paratransit fare changes will go into effect March 2019.

Question: What fare changes will be taking place?


  • The Single Ride Pass will be restored on BUSES ONLY as a cash-only fare of $2.50.
  • Midday Pass extends to weekends and increases to $2.
  • High School reduced fare extends to weekends. Students must have a valid DART Service Area high school ID with them.
  • The new A.M. and P.M. Passes replace the current two-hour pass, and they provide value for people who need to travel for more than two hours, but don’t need a Day Pass.
    • A pass purchased or activated prior to noon will be known as an A.M. Pass and will be valid for unlimited trips on all bus and rail modes from the start of service until noon. A pass purchased or activated after 12 p.m. will be known as a P.M. Pass, which is good from noon until end of service.
    • The A.M. Pass and P.M. Pass will cost $3 each, and together cost the same as a Day Pass, but will benefit customers who only need to travel during one half of the day, or who may leave in the afternoon and return home the next morning.
  • The Day Pass will increase to $6.
  • The Regional Day Pass will increase to $12.
  • A Paratransit single trip will increase to $3.50.


Find more answers to your fare change questions at:

Also, follow us on Twitter at @dartmedia and join us at noon Friday, Aug. 17, for our Twitter Town Hall. We’ll be talking fare change, fare capping, GoPass and more! In the meantime, you can email questions to [email protected]

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend


The ArtCentre of Plano hosts a special exhibit from the The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection featuring works like this from early twentieth-century African-American artist William H. Johnson. Photo courtesy of

Get in a little quality time and explore family-friendly happenings this weekend. There’s also a theater performance and a fancy car show – all DARTable.

Through Sept. 22

Let art take you to another place and time when you view artwork and objects from The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection at the ArtCentre of Plano. The exhibition highlights the cultural significance of the Harlem Renaissance and the community of scholars, artists, writers and activists that made the era memorable. Ride DART’s Red Line to Downtown Plano Station and the ArtCentre is a short walk across Haggard Park.

Friday, Aug. 10

Our favorite vehicles? DART buses and trains, of course. But are they as beautiful as the latest models from the likes of Alfa Romeo, Aston Martin, Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Porsche and Rolls Royce? You be the judge after checking out the annual NorthPark AutoShow, which runs through Aug. 10-26. The NorthPark Center Shuttle (Route 702) provides frequent service between the Park Lane Station, on the Red or Orange lines, and the iconic mall. Hey, who needs a brand-new Beemer when you’ve got your own driver?

Saturday, Aug. 11

Grab a blanket or lawn chair and get on the Green Line to Downtown Carrollton Station. At the nearby town square, Movies on the Square presents Pixar’s spectacular “Coco,” which follows the adventures of a 12-year-old boy who finds himself transported the land of the dead. There, he seeks the help of his great-great-grandfather in finding the way back home.

And the Perot Museum of Nature and Science, Ultimate Dinosaurs gives you access to 17 rare species from the other side of the world – from the tiny Eoraptor to T. rex’s bigger, badder cousin, Giganotosaurus. Based on groundbreaking research from scientists around the globe, discover the story of dinosaurs that evolved in isolation in South America and Africa as a result of the breakup of supercontinent Pangaea into the continents that we know today. To get to the Perot Museum, catch any DART Rail line to Akard Station, then walk a few blocks down Field Street to the museum.

Sunday, Aug. 12

Yet more animated awesomeness – plus some family-friendly Sunday fun – awaits at Las Colinas. Toyota Music Factory and Alamo Drafthouse are presenting free Pix on the Plaza, with fun and games starting at 6:30 p.m. in the Music Factory’s outdoor plaza. At sundown, there will be a screening of the Pixar classic, “Up,” which tells the story of an elderly man’s balloon-powered adventure to the wilds of Africa. The plaza is near Irving Convention Center Station on the Orange Line.

Sunday is the last performance of Big Bucks, the latest outing from the Amateur Community Theatre of Rowlett. The play is a Southern-fried soap opera. You’ve got dad protecting the family homestead from the government, conflicts with the taxman, a rifle-carrying grandma, and a young lady who becomes enamored of a handsome outsider. The theater is at Main Street Events, just steps from Downtown Rowlett Station on the Blue Line.

Where will DART take you this weekend? Let us know in the comments.

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Tell Us What You Like About Riding the TRE for a Chance to Win

What’s wild, rowdy and as big as Texas? Your chance of winning two tickets to western shows in Fort Worth.

Celebrate 100 years of indoor rodeo and ride the Trinity Railway Express to the Stockyards Championship Rodeo, every Friday and Saturday at 8 p.m., or the Pawnee Bill’s Wild West Show, every Saturday at 2:30 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., at the Cowtown Coliseum in Fort Worth.

Ride the Trinity Railway Express to Fort Worth to visit the Cowtown Coliseum.

We have two tickets good for one-time admission to either show, which run through December 31, 2018.

Tell us in the comment section below why you enjoy riding the Trinity Railway Express for your chance to win the two tickets.

Winner chosen this Thursday by 10 a.m.


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In Pictures: 2018 Dallas Mayor’s Back to School Fair


Thanks for riding DART to the Dallas Mayor’s Back to School Fair in Fair Park last Friday and visiting our booths. We enjoyed meeting our riders and helping Dallas families prepare for school.

Here are a few scenes from event:

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Photo Feature: Totally in Love

Meet Cody & Maegan. Fantastic human beings and totally in love.  I first met them when Cody called me out of the blue to ask if I could do secret proposal photos…I sat in a corner of a wine bar pretending to photograph food photos while secretly putting my camera on them.  Of course she said "Yes!" Otherwise these photos would not have happend, lol.  Fast forward to last Thursday…we're planning a shoot at the train station because we wanted to highlight the train in motion somehow… Bright and sunny at lunch turns into dreary rain…do we cancel? F* it we decide…Game on!  Sometimes you just gotta lick the stamp and send it!  Rain? Check.  Train? Check.  Love?  Check.  You'll see more from this awesome couple soon ;) Thanks to my assistant @kimitini ! #davidloistudios #weddingphotographs #dallasweddingphotographer #dallasphotographer #dallasweddings #weddingphotographer #weddingseason #creativewedding #weddinginspiration #wedphotoinspiration #theknot #fearlessphotographer #radlovestories #utterlyengaged #weddinglegends #belovedstories #weddingchics #weddingwire #topwedding #love #romantic #weddingphotography #pictureperfect #loveintherain #wanderlust #wanderlustlovers #instadfw

A post shared by David Loi (@david.loi.studios) on

In the rain, among passing trains, love is in the air.

Thank you Instagram user, @david.loi.studios, for sharing this proposal photo taken at Union Station.

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend

There’s a little DARTable something for everybody this weekend.

Of course, if you want to get your weekend started sooner, hop on the Blue Line and ride to Downtown Rowlett Station and check out the Farmers Market at the Village of Rowlett. The Farmers Market is from 4-8 p.m. and features Texas grown produce and live music.

And check out these other DARTable happenings.

Friday, Aug. 3

For more grown-up entertainment, check out the Broadway hit, Hand to God. Entering its first weekend at WaterTower Theatre, the play concerns a young man’s foul-mouthed hand puppet. It just may be possessed by the devil. The venue is a short walk from Addison Transit Center.

Saturday, Aug. 4

The Harlem Renaissance was a great flowering of African American arts and letters in the 1920s. The Kinsey African American Art & History Collection commemorates it at the ArtCentre of Plano. Today would be a great day to see the free exhibition near Downtown Plano Station on the Red Line.

Nothing says summer like fresh produce, and at The Marketplace Garland, you can get plenty of it – plus a lot more. Think baked goods, jellies, and one-of-a-kind wares from local artisans. If you’re interested, you can bring canned or boxed food to donate to Good Samaritans of Garland. The market happens from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. in the heart of Garland’s historic downtown square. It’s a short walk from the Blue Line’s Downtown Garland Station.

Do you believe in magic? You will at Carnival of Magic at Event 1013 in Downtown Plano. The atmosphere recreates the thrills of a carnival sideshow, with an indoor midway, tasty food and beverages, live music – and, of course, plenty of magic. Black Flag Theatre Company’s fun production happens right around the corner from Downtown Plano Station.

Sunday, Aug. 5

For a little Sunday fun, head to Las Colinas, where Toyota Music Factory and Alamo Drafthouse are presenting free Pix on the Plaza. Fun and games start at 6:30 p.m. followed by a sundown showing of the classic Toy Story 3. Feel free to bring a blanket or lawn chairs. The screening is at the Music Factory’s outdoor plaza, near Irving Convention Center Station on the Orange Line.

If a classic of the stage is more to your liking, this is your last day to see Annie Get Your Gun, presented by the Company of Rowlett Performers (CORP) at the Plaza Theatre in Downtown Garland. The sharp-shooting star of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show gets more than he bargained for when Annie Oakley beats him in a shooting match. Will their competitive natures eclipse their shot at romance? Find out at the Plaza Theatre, a short walk from Downtown Garland Station.

Where are you going on DART? Let us know in the comments.


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DART Student Art Contest Works on Display at Plano’s Courtyard Theater Through Aug. 6


Suzy Sloan Jones, executive director of the ArtCentre of Plano, admires one of the DART Student Art Contest entries before her organization’s event at Plano’s Courtyard Theater.

Thirty pieces of student artwork – all depicting the theme, “Oh the Places DART Goes” – are on display in the lobby of Plano’s Courtyard Theater through Aug. 6. The space, known as the Gallery @ Courtyard, serves as a resource for local DFW artists to proudly exhibit their creative work.

This is the first year that DART has displayed the student artworks at the Courtyard Theater. The exhibit is the last stop of a tour that has included art exhibitions at the Dallas Museum of Art and Dallas Love Field.

Doreen Chen, the Best of Show winner, is from Jasper High School. This is the second consecutive year that a Plano ISD student has won Best of Show.

The National Association of Government Communicators recently recognized the DART Student Art Contest for its excellence in the category of K-12 Education Programs as part of its annual Blue Pencil/Gold Screen Awards.

The Courtyard Theater, a city of Plano facility, is located at 1509 H Avenue, in the Downtown Plano Arts District, across Haggard Park from Downtown Plano Station on the Red and Orange lines.

If you can’t see these colorful creations in person, view the winners’ artworks online at


This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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