Ask DART: Where do I board shuttles downtown during rail service interruptions?

mediumbusroutemapOn Saturday, October 25, DART begins a six-weekend project to replace the aging light rail tracks through downtown Dallas. This project will require DART to discontinue rail service through downtown for the entirety of the weekends during that span. For planned or unplanned reasons, DART has to occasionally run shuttles in place of rail in downtown Dallas and one question we often receive is “Where do I actually find and board the shuttles?”

For the CBD Rail Replacement project, shuttles will be required at Union, Victory, West End, Akard, St. Paul, Pearl/Arts District and Deep Ellum stations. Take a look at the map below to find out where DART shuttles will stop to transport passengers between the seven stations and through downtown Dallas. Also, be sure to look for uniformed DART employees and signs pointing you to shuttle stop and informing you of which shuttle to board.

Click here to learn more about the CBD Rail Replacement project and thank you for riding and your patience through our construction.

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Destination DART: Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower

Reunion Tower

Last month Dallas was voted “Best International Skyline” and as a native Dallasite, I’d have to agree – just look at it! It’s beautiful. Okay, I’m biased. The most recognizable building in our skyline is what us Dallasites know as “The Ball” otherwise called Reunion Tower.

The 50 story tower first opened on April 15, 1978 and has become synonymous with Dallas – mostly thanks to the TV show, Dallas.

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

Reunion Tower GeO-Deck

In 2013 the Reunion Tower observation deck reopened after going through a massive remodel. The newly named GeO-Deck now has powerful telescopes, high-definition zoom cameras and interactive digital displays. The tower includes two fantastic restaurants. Cloud Nine Café is great for visitors who stop by during the day to have lunch 470-feet above the city with a 360-degree view. Chef Wolfgang Puck opened the award winning, Asian Fusion restaurant, Five Sixty for evening guests.

General Admission is $16 for adults, $8 for ages 4-12 and $14 for ages 65+. Hours vary by month.

Visitors can take the Red or Blue lines to Union Station and follow signs through an underground pedestrian walkway to Reunion Tower.

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Rider Insider: Find things to do this weekend in Dallas-Fort Worth

It’s the final weekend for the 2014 State Fair of Texas! Learn everything about riding DART to the event over here. Also available to do this weekend…

• Ride the DART Rail Red Line or Orange Line to Galatyn Park Station this weekend to see the internationally acclaimed Split Knuckle Theatre Company in a funny, physical and moving exploration of how the human spirit can conquer any obstacle with wit, humor, invention… and Endurance! Trapped in Antarctica with no hope of rescue, the great British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton kept 27 men alive for two years in the most inhospitable climate on earth. Ninety-five years later, in the worst economic meltdown since the Great Depression, Hartford insurance man Walter Spivey, struggling to justify his recent promotion and save his employees’ jobs, relives Shackleton’s story. Endurance brings every moment of the story into perfect focus in an elegant, humorous and moving show. Performances are at the Eisemann Center, 2351 Performance Dr. in Richardson. Information:

• Ride the DART Rail Green Line to Farmers Branch Station for the Bloomin’ Bluegrass Festival. This free festival features top names in the world of bluegrass, as well as a chili cook-off, an arts & crafts marketplace, kids’ activities and plenty of jamming. Festival hours are Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. and Saturday from 11:30 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. at the Farmers Branch Historical Park, 2540 Farmers Branch Lane. Information:

Find more events like the Enrique Iglesias & Pitbull or Dallas Comic Con Fan Days on our Rider Insider Online Calendar or in the brochures found on DART light rail vehicles or buses.

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Photos: See the crimson and burnt orange riding DART to the Red River Showdown

This gallery contains 12 photos.

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Tell us: Do you think DART bus service is adequate? If not, how could it be improved?

Various DART buses prepare to depart for service in the early service hours.

DART buses prepare to depart for service in the early service hours.

DART wants to hear from you!

Since adoption of the 2030 Transit System Plan in 2006, the region has continued to experience rapid growth. As DART prepares to update the Transit System Plan to the year 2040, we have determined that a phased approach to the development of this plan would be beneficial for our current and future customers.

Introducing the Comprehensive Operations Analysis. As part of the COA, we’re analyzing every bus, shuttle, on-call and flex routes to find and identify opportunities to improve and increase efficiencies. DART normally hosts community and public meetings and open houses to solicit community feedback about the changes, but we with COA we’re adding a digital approach as well.

We have launched the website to engage the community in discussions about DART transit services. We encourage you to visit the site and join the conversation. Thank you for your participation!

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DART to non-stop love at Dallas Love Field


The 1980 Wright Amendment, which restricted the places airlines could fly out of Dallas Love Field, officially ended this week allowing Dallas-area passengers to fly non-stop anywhere in the United States from Dallas Love Field.

DART Rail may not directly serve Dallas Love Field, which was written about this week by The Dallas Morning News, but the bus connection couldn’t be easier. DART’s 524 bus route makes that 1.7-mile, 8-minute trek from Inwood/Love Field Station, which has Orange and Green Line access, to Dallas Love Field.

The Dallas Morning News staff writer Paige Kerley recently made the trip to see for herself. She calls the 524 DART bus spacious allowing plenty of room for passengers and luggage and called the DART trek to Dallas Love Field a “good option” saying DART staff was friendly and approachable.

Click here to learn more about how you can easily DART to Love Field and congratulations to Dallas Love Field on the expiration on the Wright Amendment!

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Destination DART: Texas State Fair – All About Animals


It’s all about animals at the State Fair of Texas and best of all…most of the shows are free with admission! Whether you’re in the mood for livestock, seeing domestic animals do incredible things or if you’re wanting something a little more hands-on, the State Fair has something for you.

First, let’s start with in the Pan Am Arena. At different times throughout the day, the arena is home to dogs, ostriches and pigs! The pig races features different heats of pigs. The audience is divided into different sections and given a pig to cheer for making the competition that much more thrilling! Comedy is part of the show as the pigs are each given hilarious nicknames. Jump! The Ultimate Dog Show is a dog show featuring rescue dogs. And jump they do! They jump through the air making amazing Frisbee catches. Then, they take a turn splashing into the water as they see how far they can jump into a long pool of water, also after a Frisbee! Next, be sure to check out the Ostrich Races. Jockeys ride their ostriches to victory around the arena as fans cheer on their favorites.

The Wild West Pet Palooza makes its debut at the Texas State this year at the Fair Park Band Shell. It features cats, dogs, pigs and even porcupines! The animals take park in a variety of comedy skits. The show is run by an animal trainer who has worked with animals in movies such as “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective” and “That Darn Cat”.

You can get up close and personal with the animals in the Children’s Health Barnyard at Nimitz & MLK. There are lots of different animals to pet and get to know like goats, a giraffe, zebras and kangaroos! It’s free to get in, but it costs money to get money to feed the animals.

You can get to the Texas State Fair by taking the Green Line to MLK Station or to Fair Park Station. General Admission to the Fair is $17, Children under “48 are $13, Seniors age 60 and over are $13 and children under 2 are free. You can save $2 by buying your State Fair Admission along with your Go Pass. Find out more on

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By the numbers: How DART delivers for the Red River Showdown

Hundred of fans make the two-block walk from DART's MLK, Jr. Station to the State Fair of Texas entrance.

Hundred of fans make the two-block walk from DART’s MLK, Jr. Station to the State Fair of Texas entrance.

The annual Red River Showdown at the Cotton Bowl at Fair Park is one of DART’s biggest days of the of the year. The Cotton Bowl holds more than 90,000 fans and many of those fans opt for DART as their preferred means of transportation to the game. Take a look at some more numbers to learn how DART delivers tens of thousands of fans to one of the Big 12’s premier rivalries.


The number of trains DART has in operation on game day. This number is similar or greater than a normal DART weekday rush hour.


The number of trips made on DART on a Red River Showdown day. On typical weekday, there are 60,000 trips made on DART.


The number of volunteers DART has working at stations assisting passengers with reaching the game and getting home.


The number of extra buses DART uses to shuttle passengers from various stations directly to the State Fair of Texas for the game.


The number of trips made each way on the Trinity Railway Express. A normal Saturday has nine TRE trips each way.


The number of DART Police officers out assisting passengers and ensuring the safety of everyone on the system. This is double the number of normal DART Police officers on duty on a typical Saturday. DART also has K-9 units out and is assisted by Homeland Security VIPR team members and Dallas Police.


The number of maintenance employees working today to make sure signals, stations and all other aspects of the DART system are working and in top-top shape. This is nearly three times the number of maintenance employees working on an average Saturday.


The number of minutes between DART trains, which is also known as a headway. Saturdays normally have 20 to 30 minute headways.

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Ask DART: How do I ride DART Rail on Oct. 11 if I’m NOT going to the fair


Navigating the DART Rail on Saturday, October 11 can be challenging for those not going to the State Fair of Texas for the Red River Showdown. The trains are packed with fans going to the game and DART is operating a lot of special service to help expedite and ease the trip for the tens of thousands of fans traveling to the game.

But for those NOT riding to the State Fair of Texas, how do you get where you need to go in a timely manner? Take a look at some of the bullet points below to see how our service modifications could impact your route.

Red Line: Southbound Red Line trains marked “Special” will bypass downtown and go straight to MLK, Jr. Station. Please do not board these trains if you need to stop in downtown Dallas or travel further south. Regular service Red Line trains will operate to connect you to downtown Dallas or further south. Northbound Red Line will follow a regular Saturday schedule and route.
Blue Line: Northbound and southbound Blue Line trains will operate a regular Saturday schedule and route.
Orange Line: Orange Line trains will ONLY operate between Bachman Station and DFW Airport Station. A transfer to the Green Line is required for those traveling beyond those seven stations (Bachman, University of Dallas, Las Colinas Urban Center, Irving Convention Center, Northlake College, Belt Line and DFW Airport stations).
Green Line: Southbound Green Line trains will not stop at Victory, West End, Akard, St. Paul, Pearl/Arts District, or Fair Park stations. They will continue to Union Station and proceed non-stop to MLK, Jr. Station through the DART Rail facilities on the southern side of downtown Dallas. For those needing to reach a downtown Dallas station: Transfer to the Green Line circulator at Union Station. For those needing to reach Victory Station: Board a shuttle bus at Union Station. Northbound Green Line trains will operate every 10 minutes from Buckner Station and will not stop at Fair Park Station.
Green Line circulator trains will run clockwise around downtown and serve Fair Park, Union, West End, Akard, St. Paul, Pearl/Arts District, Deep Ellum and Baylor University Medical Center stations.
Trinity Railway Express: The TRE will operate a normal route with State Fair attendees advised to deboard at Victory Station for special bus shuttles. For those needing to transfer, please travel to Union Station and board the Green Line circulator for other downtown Dallas stops or transfer to a Red or Blue line for service elsewhere.

Tips for success:
• Allow yourself extra time to reach your destination.
• Ask DART staff for help reaching your destination.
• Please be patient, especially if you’re riding in the three or four hours before the 11 a.m. kickoff.

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Everything to know about getting to the State Fair of Texas for the Red River Showdown


It’s a busy weekend for DART with the Texas-OU football game at the Cotton Bowl bringing thousands to the area, with many wanting to take DART straight to the game. DART has special service that day to accommodate all of the fans trying to get to the game. Check out the guide below to find your best route.

If you’re coming from the north…
• Via I-35: Park at Trinity Mills Station and either board a Green Line train (which will take you straight to MLK, Jr. Station) or board a special express bus that takes you straight to the State Fair of Texas.
• Via US 75: Park at Parker Road Station and board a special Red Line train that will take an alternative route straight to MLK, Jr. Station for the State Fair of Texas.

If you’re coming from the south…
• Via I-35: Park at Ledbetter Station and board a northbound Blue Line train. Transfer to the Green Line circulator at Union Station for service to the State Fair of Texas.
• Via US 45: Park at Buckner Station and board a Green Line train for service straight to the State Fair of Texas.

If you’re coming from the west…
• The Trinity Railway Express is operating additional service on Saturday, October 11 for the Red River Showdown. Passengers will deboard at Victory Station to transfer to buses that will complete the trip to the State Fair of Texas. Learn more about the TRE service and schedule here.

If you’re staying in downtown Dallas…
• DART is continually operating a Green Line circulator that does circles around downtown Dallas before, during and after the game. Board one of these trains to reach the State Fair of Texas.

Enjoy the game! Get more details about DART service on our Red River Showdown special page.

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