UPDATE: DART Rail service restored through downtown Dallas

Update, 12:30 p.m.:

DART Rail service has been restored through downtown Dallas. It will take some time to get all rail lines back on schedule. Thank you for your patience.

Original entry:

Due to overhead power line problems near Pearl/Arts District Station, all rail service through downtown Dallas is suspended. All passengers will need to board bus shuttles at Mockingbird, Baylor, Union or Victory stations until further notice. Those shuttle buses will also service through downtown Dallas.

Look for the red service interruption bus stop signs to find the boarding area for shuttles. Our apologies and thank you for your patience.

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15 Responses to UPDATE: DART Rail service restored through downtown Dallas

  1. Lorie says:

    Are all trains running normal schedules outside of downtown? so if I walked/bussed to Victory station, can I take the Orange line to Belt Line?

  2. Ms. Anderson says:

    I understand unforeseen situations happen. It would be helpful when getting on the “greenline @ Lawnview” if the driver would have announced that the rail was down and wasn’t traveling into town – give us an opportunity to get back in our cars and drive. NOT WAIT till we get to the end of our trip and announce “everyone off and catch the shuttle”…1st come 1st serve!

    • Please sign up for e-mail and/or text message alerts (targeted towards your specific routes) at dart.org/rideralerts to stay up to date about any service disruptions. Sorry for the inconvenience today.

    • Lorie says:

      Travis, I signed up for those alerts. They didn’t help me. I got on at 5:43am at Belt Line and didn’t find out anything was wrong until the conductor told us ‘everyone off’ at Victory at 6:25am. I didn’t get the email from DART until 6:30am. Also, it would have been helpful if the Conductor told us that the entire downtown system was having issues and not just ‘this train is out of service’. I caught her on her way off the train and she knew exactly what was going on and was able to tell me not to wait for another train – because there wouldn’t be one.

  3. Concerned Citizen says:

    For the past few months, I’ve noticed they are not checking to see if passengers have tickets like they use to. I would like to see more checks because I feel there are a lot of riders on the rail who are not paying for their tickets.

  4. Larry says:

    It would be very helpful if DART would give a timeframe on when the rail my be back up, so we the customer could make an educated guess on how we will get from one point to another!

    • We are working to restore service as quickly and safely as possible. Bus shuttles remain in place to transport passengers in lieu of the rail.

  5. Curt D says:

    Are Red line and Blue line trains running from the Cityplace station to stations to the north, i.e. Mockingbird?

  6. Maria Bocanegra says:

    I have ridden your transit system and I have found more than once your drivers are very rude, this morning fiasco was a disaster, drivers should be more informative and tell passengers which routes are available, I’ve been riding the bus and train forever and I am familiar with the routes I had no problem getting off at mockingbird and riding #24 to get to my destination, but 90% of the passengers thought they were on a shuttle and had no idea where they were going…most of the drivers I have dealt with in the past only know their route but are incapable of knowing any other possible routes how are passengers supposed to make an informed decision without proper information. There was no one directing people at mockingbird passengers were just flocking everywhere, it was chaos and confusion and the bus drivers attitudes do not help the situation.

  7. Ana says:

    It would have been helpful if the buses dropped off passengers at each station in downtown. Our bus dropped passengers off at Pearl, but did not make its way to St Paul or Ackard stations before going all the way to West End. I got off at Ross and walked all the way to Main and St. Paul- a little inconvenient, especially after waiting for so long at Mockingbird station to get on a bus.

  8. Marie Walker says:

    We were informed at Parker Road of the situation at 0630 and had enough time to make a decision to ride or drive. It was chaotic at times and inconvenient, however, the bus driver at Mockingbird was very patient and informative to riders, letting them know when they would arrive downtown. I took the shuttle to Cityplace and West End. The shuttle driver was also very pleasant and accommodating to all passengers. Yes, it was frustrating, but I made it to work safely and in a reasonable amount of time.

  9. Gedaa Hassan says:

    Agree with Marie, drivers were very helpful and patient. And also props for the passengers, very organized and many stood in lines patiently waiting for their buses. But there should be some sort of backup system, I was 3 hours late to work,

  10. debbie mosley says:

    Yesterday there was a problem with green line. Waited an hour, then got another train to east downtown transit center. Didnt know what happened till i got on the other train that the track was under water. No one was at st paul to tell people and no updates on the weekend.

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