Destination DART: Muscle Maker Grill

When it comes to eating out the words fast, healthy, and savory can rarely be used in the same sentence; enter Muscle Maker Grill. Located on Greenville Ave. near Richmond Ave. Muscle Maker Grill offers what most Dallas eateries can’t and that’s good, healthy food.

mmg1I was hooked with their “Turkey Chili.” It’s a heaping mound of ground turkey, red beans, cheddar cheese, salsa, and sour cream all over a bed of brown rice. The menu offers dishes to suit any craving. Everything from wraps to pasta dishes, even nachos. Don’t worry, the portions are plentiful. They also have a beer and wine list.

The restaurant is designed with the casual diner in mind; tables and booths with a few TV’s. It’s the perfect spot for lunch, happy hour or a quick dinner. Muscle Maker Grill is one of the newest spots on the ever-evolving Greenville Ave., and really stands out among the other options.

DART riders should hop on the Red, Orange or Blue line to Mockingbird Station then take the Route 1 bus to Matilda St. and Richmond Ave, walk a block and enjoy!

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