News bits: Deep Ellum Station photo takes top honors in USA Today contest

A photo of the Traveling Man statue at DART’s Deep Ellum Station was named the USA Today’s “Top Reader Photo” of 2014. The photo, which includes the statue, the DART station and the Dallas skyline was shot in May by Kip Schmidt.

Schmidt took this photo using a Canon Rebel T3i and a stock lens (18-55mm). He cropped this photo, darkened the colors and adjusted the saturation using Lightroom.

“We had a pretty intense storm this May right around sunset, and the clouds were real low and rolling through downtown Dallas right through the tops of the buildings.”

This Traveling Man Sculpture is located east of downtown Dallas in Deep Ellum.

“I had always wanted a good reason to take pictures of it, and the clouds and sunset had already convinced me to grab my camera to go practice, this was my first stop,” he said.

Schmidt said the hardest part was picking one photo he liked most. He said with the clouds moving, the scene, colors and cloud formation changed.

Click below to read more about Schmidt and his photography.

Your Take Today: USA Today’s top reader photo [USA Today]

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