Ask DART: Where can I use e-cigarettes?

nosmoking-dartWith the explosion in popularity of e-cigarettes, cities, restaurants, campuses, public transit organizations and many others are evaluating the product to see where it fits in smoking policies.

For many, it’s toeing the line. For example, New York City included e-cigarettes in its existing Smoke Free Air Act to ban them where smoking is prohibited. But on the opposite end, the University of California Irvine opted to allow e-cigarettes on campus, despite a campus-wide smoking ban being in place.

So where does DART stand on the matter?

After being researched by DART’s legal counsel and police, the decision was made to include e-cigarettes in DART’s existing smoking policy outlined in the Code of Conduct. The policy states:

Section 2.02. Prohibited Conduct and Enforcement.

a. A person is prohibited from committing the following acts on a DART vehicle, DART facility, or DART property unless otherwise specified in this Section:

1. Smoke or expel the residue of any tobacco product including chewing tobacco on a DART vehicle or at a DART facility;

Translation: No smoking or spitting tobacco on DART vehicles or DART property, which includes train platforms, bus transit centers and bus stops.

A deciding factor for DART was a U.S. Appeals Court ruling in 2010 determined that e-cigarettes were to be regulated as tobacco products.

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15 Responses to Ask DART: Where can I use e-cigarettes?

  1. Wes says:

    Your board has made a large mistake..  Ecigs are not tobacco under any law or regulation state federal or local..  Without changing the code of conduct wording this holds no legal standing,  and i will continue to use my ecig were i please..  That being said i do try and not be rude and be annoying about it like blowing in peoples faces..  But this is utterly ridiculous.. 

  2. Electronic cigarettes do not contain tobacco products and do not produce smoke, they produce water vapor much like a coffee maker or tea pot that emits vapor containing caffeine a substance just as addictive as nicotine. If you ban electronic cigarettes you must also ban coffee and tea on your property.
    As President of the L.A.V.D (League Against Vapor Discrimination) I am urging all of our members to boycott DART until your policy changes.
    Antonio S Morejon
    President: L.A.V.D

    • Jeff Simons says:

      I agree with you on this, but to play devil’s advocate they actually do ban food and drink on buses and trains. Noone enforces it however and I doubt anyone will enforce the e-cig ban either, they after all don’t enforce the smoking ban at transit stations.

    • J. Sperry says:

      It contains nicotine, a regulated product.
      Not just vapor. Water vapor is just the carrier stream.
      Boycott as much as you like. America is great for that.

    • Wesley House says:

      The exhaled nicotine is virtually untraceable .. Its water vapor ..

  3. creed sexton III. says:

    When they tell me I can’t use my ecig I pull out my phone pull up any website that carries mods and say show me where in your rules it says I can’t use an advanced personal vaporizer because that is what this is look here is where you buy them it is not an ecig those are different. than I just vape away.

  4. Jeff says:

    When will DART start enforcing the no smoking ban? They have security at the stations that just stand around.

  5. J. Sperry says:

    Ecigs vapor contain nicotine (a regulated drug) that I don’t want in my system. Glad for DART to regulate as a tobacco product (which it is).
    I will notify DART Police when I see ecig smokers. Will let Cops deal with them.

    • Wesley House says:

      nicotine Is not regulated the way you think it is ..
      Ecigs are NOT a tobacco product no matter how much you whine about it ..

    • RBonde says:

      My thoughts go directly to the coffee pots, brewing coffee; a tea bag steeping in hot water and the vapor that is produced-containing caffeine.I can not tolerate caffeine.Because I know that caffeine containing beverages are “regulated”-It is understandable that I might assume caffeine to also be regulated-and then conclude: this is a brilliant excuse to act out on my need to be divisive, authoritative and indulge in self absorbed glory seeking.
      Roughly, 30% of my vape world citizens vape nicotine FREE-which is no more easy to know than whether someone is brewing decaf. Should public brewing and public steeping also be banned?

  6. Juan Juarez says:

    A report conducted by Igor Burstyn, PhD at Drexel University stated…

    “Threshold Limit Values (TLVs), were conducted under “worst case” assumptions about both chemical content of aerosol and liquids as well as behavior of vapers. The calculations reveal that there was no evidence of potential for exposures of e-cigarette users to contaminants that are associated with risk to health at a level that would warrant attention if it were an involuntary workplace exposures by approaching half of TLV.” (1)

    …people that are sick have a great chance of harming others when they cough than we do with our e-cigarette vapor.

    So….now what is is your excuse for banning e-cigarettes????


  7. rick smith says:

    Currently, DART barely enforces it’s NO SMOKING policy as it is. Except for a few overhead symbols at the train station, most of the NO SMOKING signage at DART is about the size of a thumbprint. Dart officers rarely enforce the policy. Why can’t DART put up some signs and impose a fine for smoking within 25 feet of any bus or train stop. At Baylor and Parkland station, you can see people waiting for the train or bus to get home from the hospital, standing in line with the crowd, there is always some fool who has to light up and just let it burn and stink.

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