Send us your questions for our #SilverLineQandA – follow-up

Posted on Aug 1, 2019 by DART Daily

Do you have questions about the Silver Line?
Good News: We have the answers!

You might have heard about the increased flexibility, new opportunities, and greater accessibility the Silver Line will bring to cities across North Texas and throughout the region. And while we’ve discussed many aspects of the Silver Line, we understand that you may still have questions.

Don’t worry – you still have the chance to have your questions answered right here on your DART Daily feed! All you have to do is tweet us or email us with your question about the Silver Line using:

Twitter: Tweet us using our hashtag #SilverLineQandA

Email: Send us an email with your question to: [email protected]

Then, over the next few weeks, we’ll bring our DART experts together to bring you the answers in our ‘Things to Know About the Silver Line’ series!

We look forward to getting your questions, so get tweeting or emailing now! But before you do, check whether we’ve already answered your questions by taking a look at our Behind the Tracks series. Then, tune in regularly to DART Daily to see if yours is one of the questions we answer.

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