DART: Delivering Economic Benefits to North Texas

Posted on Nov 14, 2019 by dartdallas

DART doesn’t just provide North Texans with flexible transit options; we also provide our region with significant economic benefits. Since 1996, DART Rail has not only helped connect riders and community members, but has also created billions of dollars in development for the regional economy.

Economic Benefits by the Numbers

DART has driven investment, strengthened local communities, and added economic value throughout North Texas. Here are just a few examples of what that means for the people who live and work here:
  • 43,000 new jobs and $3 billion in wages over 2014 – 2015 alone
  • $10.8 billion+ increase in property values
  • $229 million in tax revenue going back into our communities
  • $7.1 billion+ in total economic impact
Where DART goes, our region—and our economy—grows. With continued investment, DART will help advance a robust North Texas economy for generations to come.

Transit-Oriented Development Takes Off

One way DART is adding to North Texas’ economic development is through transit-oriented development. Increasingly, residential and commercial developers try to site new projects near public transportation options. Flexible transportation and more walkable, pedestrian-focused communities provide extra incentives for homeowners, renters, and businesses to participate in forward-thinking urban and suburban development.

Transit-oriented development is more than just the latest trend; it is the future of sustainable community-building. Equal parts urban planning, suburban renewal, and eco-friendly, sustainable design, transit-oriented development merges residential living with shopping, dining, and entertainment—all centered around multi-modal transit systems like DART.

You don’t have to look far to find examples of transit-oriented development right here in North Texas—it seems like a new project is being announced or unveiled every week. One new project in downtown Carrollton, for example, is catalyzing economic and community growth by connecting residents and commuters to Carrollton’s DART commuter rail station. The project, Olympus on Broadway, represents the fourth phase of a mixed-use apartment and retail development that will add 383 rental units over a five-acre tract. It is the culmination of a successful eight-year effort to revitalize downtown Carrollton, attracting new businesses and residents that are helping breathe new life into the city.

See the recent Dallas Morning News feature on the Olympus on Broadway project to learn more.

A Mobile North Texas is a Prosperous North Texas

DART is driving a revolution in transit-oriented development with the support of the people of North Texas who recognize the value of a truly multi-modal transportation future (even if they don’t ride transit personally). Together, we’re doing more than just connecting people with employment, education, and entertainment opportunities – we’re helping residents, commuters, and visitors see what enhanced mobility means for the entire economy.

Transit is at the core of economic development in urban, suburban, and rural areas alike. DART works closely and partners with local residential and retail developers, businesses, municipalities, and civic groups to help keep the North Texas region on the right track, ensuring our region remains nimble, competitive, and provides new economic and cultural benefits.

For more information on how DART is helping connect employees and job-seekers with jobs, students with educational opportunities, residents and visitors with dining and entertainment options, and patrons with local businesses check out the transit-oriented development page on our website. DART can continue to power a stronger economy throughout North Texas by helping connect all parts of life for people from all walks of life who call our region home.
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