Working Together to Create What's Next for North Texas

Connecting Communities at Every Stop #WhatsNext Connecting Communities at Every Stop #WhatsNext
Posted on Dec 20, 2019 by DART Daily

DART is always evolving and changing to meet the needs of residents, riders and communities, and collaboration is at the core of any of the new solutions we develop. As we plan, design and execute What’s Next for transit in North Texas, we understand that it is impossible without buy-in from all the affected communities; local, state and federal agencies and regulators, and private organizations and companies that will be involved.

Bringing it all Together

That’s why DART works diligently to bring these different groups together to build a new, fully integrated transit network that meets the need of riders and non-rider alike. We are committed to building a transportation network that not only leverages our system of light rail, buses, commuter trains, streetcars and subway lines, but also connects to a full range of transit options to maximize mobility for all North Texas’s communities.

Everyone Plays Their Part

DART is just one of many agencies and organizations involved in designing this new fully integrated and seamless transit network; however, we take our role as collaborator seriously. As a regional transit agency, DART works closely with:

  • Communities. DART works tirelessly to educate, engage and involve the general public in communities where our services are offered or planned in order to ensure projects meet and exceed local needs and expectations.
  • Transit agencies. DART’s commitment to collaborating with local transit agencies outside of DART’s footprint is critical in providing a truly connected network. DART maintains close connections with regional transit agencies, such as Trinity Metro and the DCTA, to ensure the greater transportation needs of the entire North Texas region are accounted for and met.
  • Federal, state and local governments. Funding for transit projects of any size usually come from a range of sources, including federal, state and local governments. DART works closely with officials and agencies to gain approvals for newly planned projects or updates to existing infrastructure.
  • Regulators. Regulatory bodies at both the state and federal level also play an important role in bringing new transit offerings and services to life. DART works hand-in-hand with government regulators like the Texas Department of Transportation and the U.S. Department of Transportation to ensure future projects and ongoing systems are in full compliance with all applicable regulations.
  • Private companies and organizations. In expanding our network to meet the needs of North Texas’s growing population, DART also works with private companies and organizations. One notable example is our recent partnership with Uber, but we continue to find new partnerships to ensure North Texans have access to even more mobility options.

Collaboration Means A More Flexible, Mobile Future

As DART continues to expand and integrate our transit network, our focus remains on serving North Texans – whether or not they ride – by building a robust, multi-modal transit system that is an integral part of the North Texas community. In doing so, we are helping to enhance the quality of life for residents of North Texas, opening up new opportunities, and creating a system that is well-positioned for What’s Next. All of these goals will require the continued collaboration—through key, innovative partnerships with other transit agencies, private companies, as well as state and federal agencies and regulators—and DART remains committed to leading this collaboration well into the future.

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