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Posted on Feb 18, 2020 by DART Daily

DART is committed to making it easier for you to connect to people, places and experiences you value. DART's new interactive digital kiosks do this by simplifying your commute throughout North Texas. Read answers to our frequently asked questions below to familiarize yourself with important kiosk facts.

How will the kiosks make riding DART a better experience?
The interactive digital kiosks simplify the way riders use the DART System. The kiosks provide real-time transit information and localized attractions and destinations that makes it easy and fun to discover the region.

What features do the kiosks offer?
DART’s new interactive digital kiosks features include:

  • Real-time information and news
  • Transit alerts
  • Wayfinding and interactive maps
  • Easy access to social services
  • Interactive guides to find things to do, places to go and promotions along the way
  • Localized and customized deals and offers
  • Translation in nine different languages
  • Free and fast Wi-Fi throughout the DART System
  • Enhanced safety with additional cameras and fast connection to DART Police

Can I purchase my train ticket/bus pass from the kiosks?
No. To purchase transit passes, use the GoPass app, the GoPass Tap card or the ticket vending machine.

Can I view the kiosks in Spanish? What languages do they offer?
Yes. The kiosks include nine different languages to choose from: English, Spanish, Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean, Arabic, Hindi, Persian and Urdu.

Will the Wi-Fi be reliable?
Embedded within each kiosk is state-of-the-art fiber and multiband antenna technology that features the highest standards for reliability with three levels of survivability for internet access and speed throughout the DART System.

Is my information safe?
Yes, the kiosks feature the highest industry recognized standards for encryption and identity protection. The firewall is extremely sophisticated, encapsulates each user so that they can’t see other devices, and has advanced whitelist and blacklist controls in place. DART’s kiosk team actively monitors the firewall for suspicious activity.

How do I report an issue with a kiosk?
To report any issues with the kiosk, please call 844-360-2432 or email [email protected]. Please reference the kiosk ID number, located on the side of each kiosk.

How many kiosks is DART launching and where?
By October 2020, DART plans to deploy 150 kiosks around the DART Service Area. The agency plans to install more than 300 new digital interactive kiosks over the next three years across North Texas.

Learn more about DART’s new interactive digital kiosks at DART.org.


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