DART Like a Champion, Eat Like a King

Cooking has been a contact sport for a while now. Turn on your TV and you’re likely to see chefs competing head-to-head with haddock, going toe-to-toe on ratatouille or battling it out over Brussels sprouts. Competition can be fierce. And Oct. 16-20, you can catch some culinary drama in real life when the World Food Championships come to Dallas.

This is the real deal: There are 10 categories, divided into rounds and finals, as well as stand-alone competitions such as the Ultimate Food Fight (prize: $350,000). The event takes place at Reunion Park, at the foot of the iconic tower. In keeping with the new, Lone Star location (the championships were previously held in Alabama), there will be a special focus on barbecue.

Bonus: Unlike binge-watching food shows on TV, you won’t be left hungry. Grazing aplenty comes with your general admission ticket, so you can not only savor the aromas, you can feast like a king, as well. There will also be progressive tastings and drink pairings, a “Bourb’N’Que” area with tons of smoked meats plus quality samples of that Southern spirit and lots, lots more over the course of five days.

To get there, take the Red Line, Blue Line or Trinity Railway Express (TRE) to EBJ Union Station. The TRE runs on Sunday during the State Fair. You’ll find a pedestrian tunnel leading directly from the platform to Reunion Tower.

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