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You want pizza? The Dallas area has a proliferation of pizza pie palaces, enough that the variety can be dizzying. We recommend keeping it simple and narrowing your choices down to those that are DARTable. No worries, that still leaves plenty to choose from.

A generation of Dallasites tasted their first pizza at Campisi’s Egyptian Lounge — one of the first places in town to serve the Italian specialty when it opened back in the 1946. It’s still there in its original spot, across the street from Mockingbird Station, and it still turns out some of the best pies in town. The dark interior is straight out of a mob movie, and the thin-crust pizza, cut into rectangular strips, is a slice of Dallas history. Joe Campisi’s good friend Jack Ruby even ate it the night before he shot Lee Harvey Oswald. Pizza lovers and conspiracy theorists are invited to draw their own conclusions.

Campisi’s may have a lock on history, but you can’t talk Dallas pizza without talking Cane Rosso — the place that almost single-handedly kicked off a “pizza renaissance” in this area. Their Neapolitan-style pizza was a revelation when it first hit the scene, and it’s still among the best you’ll find. Luckily, there are two DARTable locations: the original near Deep Ellum Station; and one within a couple of blocks of Downtown Carrrollton Station.

Billed as “the pizza that made the Brooklyn Bridge famous” (and it’s been around nearly as long), Grimaldi’s is a New York City transplant fittingly located a block from DART’s only “subway station,” Cityplace Station. No measure is spared to faithfully recreate authentic New York pizza, including hiring a chemist to create a custom water system that recreates “New York water” to get the dough just so. They had us at “Brooklyn.”

Old Chicago Pizza & Taproom specializes in – you guessed it — Chicago-style pizza, and they get that deep-dish style just right. There are over a dozen specialty pizzas (try the carnivorous indulgence known as Meat Me), and plenty of beer on tap, too. It’s in the namesake development next to Mockingbird Station.

Pizza Lounge offers a unique setting for pizza – a lounge environment that serves great martinis – and it’s practically across the street from Fair Park Station. The cozy digs are home to a wide selection of one-of-a-kind gourmet pizzas, all of which start with a special dough made from vegan-friendly ingredients and homemade sauces. Ingredients are hand-selected by the chef, and the salads are works of art. Befitting the funky Exposition Park neighborhood it calls home, Pizza Lounge is open until late.

Wood-firing is the mantra at Urban Crust, the artisanal pizza joint right down the street from Downtown Plano Station. The secret ingredient: the small storefront is said to have the Metroplex’s largest hand-crafted wood-burning oven – an impressive sight to behold. Take the finest imported Italian ingredients, add local organic herbs and greens, in-house hand-crafted mozzarella and fresh meats, and you’ve got a disc of awesomeness sure to impress even a jaded, crusty urbanite.

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