Destination DART: NorthPark Center

Ad Astra | Mark di Suvero, 2005

Ad Astra | Mark di Suvero, 2005

In Dallas, shopping really has become an art form. In fact, in 2010 Forbes Magazine named Dallas No. 2 on their list of “America’s Best Cities for Shopping” based on our number of shopping centers and retail locations.

Opened in 1965 by Raymond Nasher, NorthPark Center was built to be more than just another mall. From the beginning NorthPark Center was designed to resemble a museum. The use of natural light along with a sleek, modernist design and neutral colors was intended to showcase the storefronts; much like a museum showcases its artwork.

In keeping with that theme, NorthPark Center even has a fantastic art collection on display with major works by artists including Andy Warhol, Frank Stella, Joel Shapiro, Jim Dine, Jonathan Borofsky, James Rosenquist, Antony Gormley, Barry Flanagan, Beverly Pepper and more. For more information on the collection visitors can go to the NorthPark Center Concierge for a complimentary map with full descriptions of each piece.

CenterPark Garden

CenterPark Garden

Most unique about NorthPark Center is the 1.4-acre central garden named CenterPark Garden. Visitors can relax and dine with remarkable sculptures and beautiful landscaping that includes 45-year-old live oaks and red oaks and boasts over 90 trees.

Betsey Johnson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tim Gunn at NorthPark Center

Betsey Johnson, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Tim Gunn at NorthPark Center

Then of course, there’s the fashion. With 26 million visitors per year NorthPark Center is a hub for fashionistas. This year alone a handful of fashion’s biggest names including Betsey Johnson, Sarah Jessica Parker and Tim Gunn have all made personal appearances at NorthPark Center.

DART Riders can visit NorthPark Center by taking the Red Line to Park Lane Station. A free shuttle designated Route 702 will take visitors straight to the east entrance.

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