DART Police honors yearly, quarterly award recipients


Officer Cade receives her Officer of the Year award from DART Police Chief Spiller.

DART Police honored 2013’s supervisor, officer, senior leader and specialist/staff/clerical of the year at a ceremony at DART Police headquarters Monday afternoon.

Those honored includes:
Supervisor of the Year – Sgt. Homer Hutchins
Officer of the Year – Ofc. Melanie Cade
Staff/Specialist/Clerical of the Year – Lead FEO Sylvester Fumey-Nassah
Team of the Year – Ofc. Claudia Porter and Ofc. Tiffany Puckett (Team Buckner)
Senior Leadership Award – Janie Gonzalez

Congratulations to all of the honorees.

DART Police also recognized the 2014 first and second quarter honorees during the ceremony.

2014 First Quarter:
Supervisor – Sgt. Schkennia Smith
Officer – Ofc. Robert Craig
Team – Cpl. William Franklin, Ofc. Joe Morris, Ofc. Brent Thompson, Ofc. Geno Maya, Ofc. Marcus Gamble, Ofc. Duy Nguyen (Team Empire Central)

2014 Second Quarter:
Supervisor – Sgt. Richard Tear
Officer – Ofc. Tiffany Puckett
Staff/Clerical/Specialist – FEO Karen Howard
Team (tie) – Ofc. Andrew Maughan, Ofc. Jennifer Schmidt, Ofc. John Abbott (Team T3 AM Triangle) and Ofc. John Soto, Ofc. Rodney Henderson, Ofc. Brian Watson, Ofc. Xiomara Medrano, Ofc. Ladarrian Pickens, Ofc. Brian Hubbell, Ofc. Scott Michener (Team TRE)


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