Fact checking Conan O’Brien’s public transit instructions to AT&T Stadium

Talk show host Conan O’Brien is in town this week filming at The Majestic Theatre in Downtown Dallas and on Monday he was given a Texas Citizenship Test by Dallas’ favorite German, Dirk Nowitzki.


Conan, answering in German, started out pretty well, assuming he was beginning his trip at the St. Paul Station, which is nearest to The Majestic Theatre.


Technically it’s just the Green Line, not North Green Line, but we can’t fault him for little mistakes.


DART’s Blue Line is different than the Trinity Railway Express, which he’s referring to heading west towards T&P Station. Again, can’t fault him too much, Google Maps does color that line blue.


Whoa, whoa, whoa… Green Line bus? Oh, he’s referring to the Arlington Max, which is a commuter bus line that runs Monday through Friday. Google Maps labels that bus route green because it’s an express bus service.



Great German, Conan, but next time visit dart.org or give us a call. The better option would be the Final Four Fan Express shuttle for CentrePort Station, which will get you door to door.

Watch all of Conan’s Texas Citizenship Test over yonder.

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