News bits: DART’s GoPass part of the ‘transit ticket of tomorrow’

iphone_smThe race is on for the transit ticket of tomorrow and DART is one of the front runners, according to a recent story from The Atlantic.

The story takes a look at the shift in ways transit agencies accept payments, most notably with the introduction of smartphone applications that allow transit users to buy and display passes without needing exact change or visiting ticket vendors or vending machines.

DART was one of the first transit agencies to introduce a smartphone mobile ticketing application. The app, GoPass, has been downloaded more than 114,000 times and more than 320,000 tickets have been sold since its launch in mid-September.

DART is already planning future versions of the app that will include bundled tickets and push notifications to make riders better aware of what’s going on.

Other transit agencies in Texas are taking note of the success of GoPass and looking to get involved. The Metropolitan Transit Authority of Harris County (METRO), which is Houston’s public transit agency, is currently working out a deal to use DART’s GoPass app in the Houston area.

Click below to read more about how other transit agencies are using smartphone applications to better the customer experience.

The Race Is On for the Transit Ticket of Tomorrow [The Atlantic]

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One Response to News bits: DART’s GoPass part of the ‘transit ticket of tomorrow’

  1. Justin says:

    That would make a ton of sense, to have all transit agencies in Texas use gopass and have a central group that works on it. Plus when they (if they) build the high speed train system here, it should tie into GoPass too!!


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