North Lake College student captures DART in award-winning photo

"Time" by Chirag Sainju

“Time” by Chirag Sainju

Check out this great photo of a DART light rail vehicle passing by the clock sculpture at Akard Station. The photo was shot by North Lake College student Chirag Sainju and received honorable mentions at an area art show.

The photo is currently on display at the Irving Arts Center. See more of Sinju’s work on the Chirag Sainju Art Photography Facebook page.

The clock, which is officially called Bell Tower, was designed by artist Michael Brown. Inside, steel balls run one by one down a rollercoaster track at the top of each hour. As they descend, they strike a series of bells. An hourglass is mounted on a central pivot and is flipped over when the balls roll by. At the bottom, a lifting mechanism takes the balls through a set of rails to ready them for the next descent. See Bell Tower for yourself on the northwest corner of DART’s Akard Station.

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