Where Will the D2 Subway go?

We’ve been listening to stakeholders, public officials, technical experts and the public, and we’re on our way to finding a locally preferred alternative (LPA) that we can submit to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in September. By January, DART had identified four primary D2 Subway alternatives, along with four options for the subway points of exit and entry. When starting this process, we evaluated many different alternative routes that were brought forth by stakeholders and the public. Based on further input and a screening evaluation conducted in March, DART staff recommends three alternatives be studied in further detail.

Determining the beginning and the end

Endpoints are especially important when building a subway. The D2 Subway should connect to the larger DART system, and provide flexibility so DART can move people around the system as needed, whether it be for daily operations, special events or incidents in downtown. Each of these exit and entries bring their own unique set of benefits and challenges.

Below are the four potential entry and exit options for the D2 Subway:

Entry and Exit East Side:

  • Swiss Avenue option or Monument Street option could serve as the east side exit and entry point for the D2 Subway.

Entry and Exit West Side:

  • The Railroad Corridor option or Victory Street Right of Way option could serve as the west side exit and entry point for the D2 Subway.

With the help of a technical working group, DART has already begun narrowing these options. DART has identified potential issues with two of these exits and entries:

  • The Railroad Corridor presents feasibility and risk issues, as the surrounding soft soil would require special machinery, construction of a tunnel could impact existing structures in historic Dealey Plaza, as well as the lack of a station to serve a new market area.
  • Similarly, the Monument Street option does not provide operation flexibility, causes significant residential displacements, and would have some permanent street closures and impacts.

Based on a technical assessment and stakeholder input, the Railroad Corridor was recommended to not advance further, and the Monument Street option was modified to also include a 2-portal option that provides operational flexibility that DART needs.

In early March, the remaining alternatives were then put through a screening evaluation that looked at things such as:

  • Feasibility of construction
  • Overall cost of project
  • Density of population or jobs
  • Proximity to attractions and cultural hubs
  • System flexibility and easy transfers to other rail lines or bus routes
  • Travel times
  • Redevelopment and land use opportunities

Here are DART staff’s recommended alternatives for the D2 Subway:

The recommended short list only includes the Swiss Avenue and the Victory Right of Way options for the entries/exits for the D2 Subway.  Based on the evaluation, DART has determined three potential streets the D2 Subway could run parallel to below ground.

  • Pacific: D2 Subway would go under the existing corridor.
  • Elm: D2 Subway would be one blocks south of existing corridor.
  • Commerce: D2 Subway would be three blocks south of existing corridor.

DART will continue to seek feedback from the public and stakeholders to understand which location is the most prudent and feasible route for the D2 Subway.

Finding the right underground connection

DART is assessing each route to find the best path for the D2 Subway that brings the most value and accessibility to the region. The DART Board of Directors will make the final judgement on a recommended alternative and we’ll finalize this with the Dallas City Council.

As we’ve said before, finding a route we can agree upon and a route that works for North Texas is an iterative process. In the coming weeks we will dive more into depth on each of these routes to unpack the unique benefits and challenges each path provides.

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Your Spring Travel Guide

IMG_3844 edit

Spring has arrived, and with each new season comes opportunities to travel and see more of your world. Let DART be your ride to what’s happening nearby and far way.

Love Link 524
Did you know DART has a bus that connects you to Dallas Love Field? It’s called the Love Link (Route 542) and it circulates between Dallas Love Field Airport and Inwood/Love Field Station.

The route also now features larger buses to accommodate more passengers and luggage. Improved signage at the rail station and airport, and a second bus stop near baggage claim, make riding the Love Link easier than ever.

Dallas Love Field
Air travelers like you who fly into Dallas Love Field can now plan ground travel before leaving the airport with a touchscreen kiosk  The new interactive display turns route information into way-finding messages you can easily read and understand.

The kiosk also offers trip-planning tools that include detailed travel directions for public transportation, cars, bicycling and walking. Texting and email options also are included for easy transfer to a mobile device.

Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport
You can start your trip to Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport‘s  Terminal A on board the Orange Line. Ride to DFW Airport Station, then connect to the other four terminals via the Terminal Link bus shuttles outside of security or the SkyLink tram inside security.

It’s easy to complete most trips within two hours, so you’ll only need a Two-Hour Pass to ride DART to the airport – a great value at $2.50.

Enjoy Level Boarding
The center car of every DART Rail vehicle is a low-floor section that offers level boarding with the rail platform. DART’s new fleet of buses also has low-floor sections and is equipped with ramps that deploy for level boarding from the curb.

Plan Ahead
The trains and buses operate daily from approximately 5 a.m. to midnight. DART Rail operates every 8-15 minutes during rush hours, 20 minutes during the midday and weekends, and 30 minutes late at night. In addition, service times and schedules vary on holidays. Additional route and fare information is available at DART.org.

GoPass ®
Whether you’re traveling by rail, bus or both, DART’s free GoPass ® app is a great travel tool. You can purchase tickets on the app, and learn when the next bus or train will arrive or leave from any station. You can download the GoPass app from the App Store or Google Play store.

For more information about riding DART this spring, visit DART.org or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.


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DART Observes National Safe Place Week

Safe PlaceNational Safe Place Week ends Saturday (#NSPWeek2017), but DART reminds youth in crisis that throughout the year they can seek safety on any DART bus or train.

National Safe Place Week, is observed annually to shine a spotlight on Safe Place – an outreach and prevention program for youth facing difficult problems. DART has participated in the Safe Place initiative since August 2016 as part of the transit agency’s ongoing effort to protect DFW’s youth and combat human trafficking.

All DART buses and light rail trains have – or soon will have – Safe Place decals prominently displayed on the exterior and interior of the vehicle. Minors who see the decal will know DART can help get them to safety. When young people in crisis need help, they simply approach any uniformed DART employee and let them know they need a Safe Place.

As a participating partner, DART transports youth escaping dangerous situations to the nearest QuikTrip convenience store, which is a designated “safe place.” Once inside the store, runaways and at-risk youth can wait for a Safe Place agency partner to connect them with professional help.

Click here to learn more about DART’s partnership with Safe Place. More information on the national outreach program can be found at NationalSafePlace.org.

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Six-Year Old DART Enthusiast Enjoys Visit with Gary Thomas

Garrett Clark got his first train set when he was just a toddler. Trains have been his passion ever since. And now that he’s a little older – he just turned six in December – Garrett’s hobby has grown to experiencing real-life train adventures on DART. And there have been many. He shared some of his stories Tuesday with DART President/Executive Director Gary Thomas.

On a DART map, which Thomas ended up gifting, Garrett pointed out the different lines he’s ridden and to where. Many of his adventures start out on Bus Route 400 in Addison.

“I like taking the Red Line to the Downtown Plano Station because I get to see the old train car (Interurban Railway Museum),” Garrett told Thomas. “And I like to eat at Angela’s (Angela’s at the Crosswalk), because I can watch the DART trains go by.”

He’s taken DART to the Dallas Zoo many times. Another favorite stop is Union Station because his father works in the building next door. Garrett likes to look out the window to the station below and watch the trains go by. Being so close, a visit to his dad’s office isn’t complete without a ride on the Dallas Streetcar, too.

Garrett likes Cityplace/Uptown Station as well, but says it takes a little too long to get up the escalators. Once he’s at street level though, Garrett loves to hop on the trolley. For his fifth birthday party, Garrett’s parents rented a M-Line Trolley. It was a big hit!

His birthday party in January of this year was DART-themed at the DARTable Bowl and Barrel bowling alley at the Shops at Park Lane, located near Park Lane Station. Rosa Rosteet, DART community engagement representative, surprised Garrett and his friends with lots of DART swag.

When asked why he loves DART so much, Garrett said matter-of-factly, “Because DART is cool.”

Garrett – who dreams of becoming an engineer someday — had some ideas of where he’d like to see additional lines and wasn’t shy about pointing those out to Thomas.

Thomas also showed Garrett historical photos and objects of 20 years of rail construction. A picture of the Blue Line to Ledbetter Station caught Garrett’s attention. Demonstrating his knowledge of the DART system, Garrett told Thomas, “The Blue Line ends at the UNT Dallas Station now.”

For his next big DART adventure, Garrett hopes to get a behind the scenes look at how DART trains are cleaned and maintained.

As to why DART is so important for North Texas, here’s what Garrett said: “Because the world has too much pollution and DART is helping save the world from more pollution.”

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See Something? Say Something.


It’s National Safe Place Week and DART needs your help in combating human trafficking throughout the year.

Earlier this week, Deputy Chief of DART Police Matt Walling, joined a panel discussion with city leaders during an episode of Dallas’ #AskCityHall and talked about DART’s involvement in the Safe Place initiative, a national youth outreach and prevention program for young people needing immediate help and safety.

In 2013, DART officials signed the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Transportation Leaders Against Human Trafficking initiative. Since 2014, our police officers, fare enforcement officers, and bus and rail operators have received training on how to spot and report possible indicators of human trafficking.

The agency also highlights the issue with informational posters on our buses and trains, as well as collaborates with transportation entities to help the public recognize and report potential trafficking.

Walling encouraged riders to speak up when they see something out of the ordinary.

“Don’t hesitate to say something,” he said. “You’re the best judge of what you see around you.”

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Growing North Texas: By Bus, By Rail, By Streetcar

The DART transit system is made up of many different modes, each coming together as part of an integrated network that strengthens our region. As a complete system, DART is not only moving North Texans from Point A to Point B, but also improving our economy, job opportunities, quality of life, and much more.

Each mode along with the new transit projects we develop work together to make our system more efficient, effective, and valuable. Each new transit project, whether it’s the D2 Subway, the Cotton Belt regional rail line, or other system improvements and expansions, represents a critical piece of the larger picture of how transit helps support all North Texas residents, businesses, and our region’s economy, now and in the future.

Multiple Modes Make Travel and Commerce in North Texas More Efficient

DART operates more than 93 miles of light rail, 652 buses, 11,973 bus stops, and 64 light rail stations, all connecting our vast region and allowing residents and businesses to move more efficiently, safely, and flexibly around a 700-square mile area.

Not too long ago, North Texas and Dallas only had limited modes of public transportation. From 1964 to 1988, the Dallas Transit System was the primary transit service for North Texas.  Building off of the existing bus system, DART created light rail lines to unite the region and create connection points between bus routes. Services expanded far beyond light rail and buses to include paratransit services, Dallas Streetcar, M-Line Trolley, HOV Lanes, FLEX bus service, and more.

DART has created a multi-modal system that connects and drives the entire region forward, improving mobility not only for those who ride transit but for everyone who travels through the region.

A Stronger North Texas

  • DART accommodates North Texas’s growth
    North Texas is growing at an amazing rate. Our labor market adds 330 jobs every day.  Population is estimated to increase by 36 percent by 2040, and DART’s capital planning projects will help the region accommodate this influx of new residents and the commercial growth that will accompany it.
  • DART drives our economy
    Transit, including planned expansions and improvements, drives development and job creation and increases tax revenue. From 2014 to 2015, the University of North Texas estimates transit-oriented developments generated $69 million in tax revenue, spurred 43,000 new jobs, and $3 billion in wages.

DART’s comprehensive multi-modal system has and will continue to transform transportation in North Texas, ensuring everyone who lives and works here benefits from a truly 21st Century transportation network.

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Thank You to Our Bus and Rail Operators

March 18 is Transit Driver Appreciation Day (#TDAD) and we want to say thank you to all our operators who strive to deliver riders like you safely to your destinations.

Throughout the week, we held celebrations at our different operations centers to recognize these men and women. Check out the photo gallery below for scenes from each event, and don’t forget to thank your operators today.


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DART to Great Brews


St. Paddy’s Day is only a start for the serious beer lover. Once the local beer emporiums retire the green food dye for another year, there are still tons of DARTable options for grabbing a cold one – from British-style ale houses, to brewpubs, to one-of-a-kind spots that defy category.

The Wild Detectives, a DARTable Gem, is a bookstore and tavern that features local craft beer, tapas and wine. Located in the Bishop Arts District, the place has become the heart of Dallas’ literary scene. You can get to it via the Dallas Streetcar and a short walk.

For great shared plates and craft beer made on-premises, head to Bankhead Brewing Co., a charming spot near Downtown Rowlett Station. The food is cooked in wood-burning ovens, and the premium, house-crafted beers come in a wide variety. Traditional German and English recipes get a lot of play here. The inviting space features plentiful outdoor seating.

The hip Intrinsic Smokehouse and Brewery is located within walking distance of Downtown Garland Station in the heart of the town square. Not only does Intrinsic offer a seasonal selection of its own handcrafted beers, but also keeps a rotation of guest beers and its very own homemade sodas on tap as well.

You’ve seen the beers on supermarket shelves and at bars and pubs – but did you know that Deep Ellum Brewing Company has a taproom? The cool industrial space is open seven days a week and gives tours from 12-3 p.m. every Saturday. Just up the street, don’t miss Braindead Brewing, another spot with a huge and rotating roster of both in-house and craft beers, and a patio perfect for people-watching. They’re both near Deep Ellum Station or the Deep Ellum stops of the free D-Link bus shuttle.

And you won’t run dry near Downtown Plano Station, either. Vickery Park offers a huge selection of craft beers; Kelly’s Eastside, a casual restaurant and neighborhood stalwart, has dozens of on-tap selections; and The Fillmore Pub serves it up British-style, with a plenty of beer options and great fish and chips.

And that’s just a start. You want more? Try the terrific drafts at the Irish-to-the-core Trinity Hall (Mockingbird Station), or the almost encyclopedic selection at The Ginger Man (M-Line Trolley).

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Dallas Artist Captures DART Passengers ‘Riding the Rails’

IMG_4101edit 2

Visitor observes artwork from Dallas artist Merry Fuhrer’s “Riding the Rails: Portraits Along the DART Lines” exhibit at the Goodrich Galley at First United Methodist Church. The exhibit runs through March 29th.

Dallas artist Merry Fuhrer knows how to capture DART riders like you in vibrant color.

Earlier this month, onlookers perused the Goodrich Galley at First United Methodist Church observing the 25 oil pastels portraits in a reception featuring Fuhrer’s “Riding the Rails: Portraits Along the DART Lines” exhibit, which showcases everyday individuals at stations throughout the DART System, and stays open through March 29th.

As someone who chooses to ride DART rather than owning a car, Fuhrer tries to discover new destinations along DART’s lines and routes. When the Orange Line extended to DFW Airport Station, she road it for the first time just to see what it’s like.

What she finds during these trips, inspire her work and help define what she calls her “broad definition of beauty.”

“I’m primarily interested in people – the beauty of the individual,” Fuhrer said. “I’m fascinated with the diversity of people I meet out there.”

Carrollton resident, Bruce Webster has been commuting from Carrollton to First United Methodist Church for the past 40 years. The opening of the Green Line helped him attend church services, Wednesday choir practices and Tuesday prayer breakfasts.

Webster took the chance to talk with Fuhrer at the reception and said he appreciated the artist’s ability to capture human form.

“There’s a real neat presence in what she does,” Webster said.

Susan McIntyre, a member of the church’s Goodrich Gallery volunteer committee, said Fuhrer’s art combined with music from composer David Thompson that incorporated sounds of light rail, gave visitors a sense of place.

As part of a downtown church, the rotating gallery features artists that capture hints of Dallas’ diversity. Fuhrer’s art does just that, McIntyre said.

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Dallas St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival: Know Before You Go

DART, St. Patrick's Day

The Dallas St. Patrick’s Parade & Festival is tomorrow, March 11, beginning at 11 a.m. This annual celebration attracts thousands to Greenville Avenue and the best way to get there is on DART. The Mockingbird and Lovers Lane stations put festival goers within easy walking distance of all the action.

Use GoPass℠, Buy in Advance, Activate Tickets the Day You Go
DART passes are available for purchase via ticket vending machines; however, the most convenient way to purchase is through the GoPass app. If you haven’t already done so, download app to your smartphone from either the App Store or Google Play store. Register your mobile ticketing account and set up your payment information.

You can purchase your transit pass in advance, but don’t activate it until the day you use it.

Roll onto the Low-Floor Center Cars
The center car of every DART Rail vehicle has a low-floor section that offers level boarding with the rail platform – perfect for festival-goers with strollers, wagons, wheelchairs, walkers or other mobility devices. DART’s new buses also have low-floor sections and are equipped with ramps that deploy for level boarding from the curb.

Park Free at a DART Station
Save time and gas while skipping the hassle and expense of trying to park near Greenville Avenue. Free parking is available at many DART transit centers or rail stations with parking lots. Find out where you can leave your car at DART.org/parking.

Take Advantage of Car-Sharing Services
Need help making the connection from your home to the nearest DART bus stop or rail station? DART is partnering with Uber and Lyft to get you safely to and from the festivities. You can access both on the GoPass app. Uber is offering $10 off the first two rides and Lyft is offering $5 off your first five. Click here for more information.

For more information, please visit DART.org/SPD or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.

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