Live Here and Get There Efficiently, Reliably & Affordably

With a population that has welcomed more than 140,000 new residents in the past year alone, North Texas must keep people moving freely whether it’s in the traffic on our highways, in our airways, or along our transit network. Investing in all forms of transit will ensure that North Texas has the infrastructure we need to support our growth while continuing to offer North Texans the way of life they’ve come to know and enjoy.

Making All Forms of Travel More Efficient

Think about your everyday routine, do you choose to travel via your personal vehicle? Now envision what your commute would be like if DART did not exist.

More than 60 million passenger trips are taken on DART per year and about 200,000 people ride DART every day. What happens if all of those folks were traveling in vehicles on our highways? DART contributes to the efficiency of getting from one place to another within our region, whether you ride transit or not.

A Reliable Transit Option

A variety of circumstances can impact your travel anytime you step out your front door, but riding DART can eliminate a few of those outside forces you can’t control.

In addition, freeing your hands from the wheel can you let you do a lot more in your daily commute. Think about adding 45 minutes more time to get work done, read a book, or be on a conference call, undisturbed by traffic. That extra time can mean a lot when balancing a busy daily routine.

Live Here, Work There

DART gives North Texans the flexibility to choose where they want to live and still be able to access work options or employment elsewhere. Transit options offer residents choice in how they move around the region, by offering reliable and efficient means to get to their jobs, culture, entertainment, education, and so much more.

DART is proud to offer transit service that is focused on moving North Texans around our region affordably, efficiently and reliably. Even for those who do not ride, DART helps ease the flow of traffic, making all forms of transit easier and commutes better for everyone.

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#TBT we’re throwing it back to the Green Line!

DART is going back in time today to when we had just started our rail expansion.  Though it may feel like North Texas has always been outfitted with 93 miles of rail, we really have done a lot in a short amount of time.

So let’s take a walk down memory lane and take a peek at what went into building one of our most popular lines that today people depend on – whether taking them to work in Downtown Dallas, connecting them to healthcare at Baylor University Medical Center, or visiting downtown Carrollton for some shopping.

Green Line Offers Value for Those Coming or Going

Thanks to the Green Line’s service, North Texans have enjoyed increased access to the commerce, culture, services, dining, and entertainment opportunities in this neighborhood. Check out these fast facts to learn just how great the Green Line is!

  • September 14, 2009: The first three miles of the Green Line open, welcoming services to Deep Ellum, Baylor University Medical Center, and Fair Park.
  • 28: Number of total miles of Green Line rail.
  • 6,500: Number of Baylor University Medical Center employees who can now use the Green Line to get to work.

Prior to the opening, Dr. Irving Prengler, chief medical officer at Baylor, said he will transfer and use the Green Line to ride to work, “Personally, I’m interested in having the luxury to relax as I travel to and from the medical center.  I won’t have to fight traffic but instead can read, listen to music, or relax in an air-conditioned environment… The Green Line provides better access to the hospital for our employees and our patients.”

Economic Driver for the Area

North Texas knew the Green Line offered so much more to the region than just the ability for commuters trying to get downtown for work.  So much so that residents and businesses surrounding the Green Line welcomed DART rail with open arms.  In fact, the Ambrose development, near the Green Line, was 81 percent leased with new businesses in anticipation of the new light rail line opening.

What Would Life be Like Without the Green Line?

It’s hard to imagine a time before the Green Line. Think about how much our region has grown since 2009! Would our roads be more congested? Would these businesses have thrived in this area? Luckily, we don’t have to worry about navigating this area without light rail. Large-scale projects like the Green Line have the ability to connect our communities and transform our region.  There may be a time in the future when we can look back and remember what life in North Texas was like before the Cotton Belt or the D2 Subway.

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend


Photo from

It’s shaping up into a very DARTable weekend. We’ve got fun at midnight, the movies, the marketplace and the Majestic. Anything missing? Let’s jump in:

Friday, Aug. 18

It’s the third Friday of the month, so that means ’til Midnight at the Nasher is happening tonight. As always, there will be a live outdoor concert with great local talent and a film screening. There are also social media scavenger hunts, progressive tours, and, of course, the greatness of the Nasher collection. Wolfgang Puck Catering offers bar services, snacks and tacos, which are pretty great, too. The band Reinventing Jude takes the stage at 7 p.m., and the film – 1991’s Soap Dish – starts at 9 p.m. It’s free! And don’t forget that Sunday, Aug. 20 is the last day of the Nasher’s big summer show — Roni Horn, featuring the large cast-glass sculptures the American artist is known for. This weekend is your last chance to see it – and ‘til Midnight might just be the perfect time! Take DART Rail to St. Paul Station or catch the D-Link to get there. and it’s the first to focus specifically on her cast glass sculpture.

Tonight also is the first of a three-night run of free movies at the Plaza Theatre in Downtown Garland. It’s a great weekend for movie lovers: Tonight is The Godfather, Saturday is The Godfather II, and Sunday is The Godfather III. Not only are they free – concessions are cheap, too. The Plaza is a short walk from Downtown Garland Station.

Saturday, Aug. 19

AnimeFest happens all weekend long at the Sheraton Dallas Hotel. The festival, as the name suggests, is largely based around “anime” or Japanese animation. It promises tons of fun for aficionados of the form, as well as science fiction/fantasy fans. The hotel is located right next to Pearl/Arts District Station.

Sunday, Aug. 20

It’s the last performance of Firehouse Theatre’s production of Pippin. A young prince learns the meaning of glory, love and war through this beautiful musical story. Heir to the Frankish throne, Pippin searches for the secret to happiness and fulfillment through battle, temptations, and political power. Firehouse Theatre is  short walk from Farmers Branch Station.


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Free Solar Eclipse Party at the Perot Museum Aug. 21

Photo courtesy of Jason Janik, Perot Museum of Nature and Science

The Perot Museum of Nature and Science invites you to attend a free Solar Eclipse watching party on their plaza, Aug. 21, noon to 2 p.m. That afternoon, the United States will experience a total solar eclipse, which is when the moon completely covers the sun. Here in Dallas, we’ll be able to see a partial eclipse.

The museum also will have out-of-this-world space activities, learning about solar eclipses, and viewing a live feed of the solar eclipse in totality. Feel free to dress up – sun or space-related costumes are encouraged!

Don’t worry about missing lunch; the Café will be serving eclipse-themed items such Moon Pies and Eclipse Burgers, as well as other delicious snacks and beverages. General admission to the permanent exhibits is not included, but will be available for purchase.

The Perot Museum is an easy, half-mile walk along Field Street from DART’s Akard Station.

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DART to Deep Ellum

Deep Ellum DLink 002.jpg

Home to two light rail stations (Deep Ellum and Baylor University Medical Center) and a stop on the D-Link bus shuttle, Deep Ellum couldn’t be more DARTable. The neighborhood, with its distinctive personality, offers a lively, eclectic mix of restaurants, music venues and shops.  Don’t miss these spots:

IdleRye is Deep Ellum’s newest addition, featuring modern American cuisine with influences from both Louisiana and Poland. It’s a great spot for shared plates, homemade pasta and sausage, and craft cocktails.

The Free Man Cajun Café & Lounge is a Deep Ellum staple that serves Cajun comfort food alongside live music every night. The good times will continue to roll when The Free Man expands later this year. Look for additional stages, kitchens and a space for private events, including a “Bourbon side” and a “Frenchman side.”

Jade & Clover is a unique retail shop that focuses on eco-friendly lifestyle merchandise. You’ll find apparel, accessories and home décor, as well as a build-your-own succulent bar and creative workshops and classes.

AllGood Café is a neighborhood favorite – institution, more like – that serves Austin-style breakfast, lunch and dinner, with live music each night. Origami birds hand from the ceiling, and posters of legendary musicians fill the walls. Whether it’s your first visit or one-thousandth, you’ll be treated like a regular.

Twilite Lounge joined the Deep Ellum bar scene in 2013. It’s a dive bar at heart, with an atmosphere inspired by Old Hollywood and the French Quarter, attracting regulars drawn to the cozy vibe and vibrant musical offerings from great live performers. Don’t miss the well-stocked jukebox.

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Irving Music Factory Opens Aug. 31


Photo from the ARK Group

Beginning Aug. 31, you’ll be able to take DART’s Orange Line to a state-of-the-art concert hall soon to be surrounded by great restaurants, retail shops, a bowling alley and even an Alamo Drafthouse movie theater. That’s the day Irving’s spectacular Irving Music Factory opens with two nights of performances by comedian Dave Chappelle.  The development’s signature piece is the concert hall called The Pavilion.

Chappelle will be followed by an eclectic list of performers including Brad Paisley (Sept. 2); Jeff & Larry’s Backyard BBQ comedy and music festival with Jeff Foxworthy, Larry the Cable Guy, Eddie Money and the Marshall Tucker Band (Sept. 3); the Goo Goo Dolls and Phillip Phillips (Sept. 6); Sin Bandera (Sept. 23); Young the Giant, Cold War Kids and Joywave (Sept. 29); Matchbox Twenty and Counting Crows (Oct. 1); Scorpions and Megadeth (Oct. 12); and Trevor Noah (Nov. 11).

During the last months of 2017, the entertainment complex’s other elements will open.   Concertgoers will be able to make an evening of it – taking DART Rail to the venue and choosing from more than 20 great restaurants, including Bar Louie, Gloria’s, Grimaldi’s, Kabuki Japanese Restaurant, Sambuca and the Yard House.

And it’s all a short walk from Irving Convention Center Station.

The Pavilion itself offers a one-of -a-kind experience for North Texas music lovers. With the flip of a switch, the exceptional venue’s huge rear doors lift, revealing an expansive grassy area for seating. The structure morphs from a 4,000-seat concert hall to an 8,000-seat amphitheater. It also can evolve into a general admission venue with more than 2,400 standing fans, or even a 2,500-seat theater.

For show and ticket information, visit

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DART: Critical for Our Workforce, Our Businesses, Our Commerce

North Texas is known for being business-friendly. From our tax policies, to our affordable housing, to our quality of life, businesses find North Texas an attractive place to set up shop. DART is always thinking about how best to support these companies and help our economy thrive.  DART is one of the foundational supports business depend upon; from individual employee mobility, to recruiting and supplying a reliable workforce, to ensuring that commerce moves freely and flexibly. We work every day to make sure we are doing all we can to support our workforce and our businesses that make North Texas so great.

DART improves everyone’s commute

We know that getting people to their jobs is a priority for DART. A large part of our workforce depends on access to DART to get to their places of employment safely and efficiently. For folks who do not own a car, DART is a lifeline to connect them with their places of employment. One million jobs are within walking distance of DART bus and rail. DART is committed to providing even more flexibility for those North Texans who do not necessarily live where they work.  Through new large-scale projects, like D2 and the Cotton Belt, as well as revamping our bus system, we want to make easier for people to take, transfer, and commute using DART.

Non-riders may not realize the impact DART has on their own commutes.  Our highways can sometimes get a little backed up Monday-Friday during rush hour.  Now think about what our roads would look like without DART.  Bumper-to-bumper isn’t just a mental ache, all that exhaust leads to an environmental ache as well.  Even if you may not ride DART, you’re reaping benefits of living in a cleaner and less congestive region thanks to a comprehensive public transit system.

DART supports business growth

DART provides a public transportation infrastructure that appeals to many businesses when they consider relocating or opening up shop in a community. Public transportation allows company leadership to know that there are mobility options for their workforce that ease commutes, and provide reliable access to employment.

That’s good news considering, that the 20 biggest business relocations from 2015-2017 accounted for the creation of approximately 7,600 jobs in North Texas.

Jim Lentz, Toyota North America’s CEO, commented that there were many reasons for choosing North Texas as their headquarters and moving from California, “About half the criteria behind the move were business-related and the other half were focused on our team members…For our team members, we wanted a location with good schools, a reasonable cost of living and housing, and less stressful commutes to work.

DART plays a part to ease the flow of commerce

With all of the new businesses making North Texas their home, keeping the flow of commerce moving smoothly will be a challenge.  All different types of industries rely on ease of shipping to send and receive the materials they need. DART plays a role in unclogging our highways and providing connections between major hubs in our region.  Less cars on the road means an easier flow of materials to businesses.

Jobs, Business, Commerce, Oh My!

Although you may not see it at first, DART plays a hand in supporting our region’s economy by getting people to work, attracting new businesses, and keeping commerce moving smoothly. Whether you are a business owner, vehicle commuter, public transit commuter, or someone who has a hand in commerce in our region, DART is here for you.

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Riding Transit Reduces College Commuting Costs

Orange Line 10-31-12_105

Fall classes will be starting soon, and many college students are weighing their transportation options. If you are attending a local college or university, and are looking for ways to keep more money in your pocket, DART can help.

DART has a bus stop or rail station within walking distance of more than 30 colleges and universities, making it possible to progress from community college to a doctoral degree without owning a car.

DART offers reduced fares to full-time college school students who possess the proper DART-issued student ID, making travel to and from campus more affordable. Without a DART Student ID, young adults age 15+ must buy an Adult Day Pass.

If the college or university participates in the DART Higher Education Pass Program, students must obtain a semester DART Pass from the school – usually the parking office. If the institution does not participate, those students may take advantage of DART’s Reduced College fares. In both cases, enrollment must be verified at the beginning of every academic semester and your pass updated at the DART Store in Downtown Dallas.

Dallas County Community College District, SMU, UNT Dallas College of Law, UT Dallas and UT Southwestern participate in a contracted Higher Education Pass Program, so for that reason, students do not qualify for reduced fares purchased on the GoPass℠ mobile ticketing app, from a ticket vending machine or from a bus farebox. If you attend one of these schools, please contact your school to obtain your pass.

Qualified DCCCD students can ride DART free when enrolled in at least six spring or fall semester credit hours or 96 contact hours in a single quarter for continuing education students. Learn more at

Discover how to reach campus with on the Travel Agent page,

Learn more about how to get your DART-issued student ID:

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DART: Your Ride This Weekend

The DARTable fun this weekend ranges from catching the latest pop music to discovering ancient civilizations. Get on board for these great events:

Thursday, Aug. 10

The City of Garland brings jazz to its town square tonight, as performed by talented employees of an iconic company. The Texas Instruments Jazz Band is comprised of mostly of former college and/or high school jazz band members, and puts on a rousing performance. The town square is a short walk from Downtown Garland Station.

Friday, Aug. 11

Mexican pop star Cristian Castro – one of the best-selling Latin artists around – brings his blend of showmanship, poise, and rich, emotional vocals to the Majestic Theatre. The 42-year-old, consummate entertainer has 14 studio albums to his name, and the chance to see him live is a can’t-miss for pop fans. The Majestic is a couple of blocks from St. Paul Station.

Saturday, Aug. 12

Discovery Days are here again at the Perot Museum of Nature and Science. This month, the theme is Adventure. Amaze Your Brain when you piece together ancient artifacts, explore ancient civilizations and take part in a scavenger hunt. The theme celebrates the museum’s traveling exhibition, Maya: Hidden Worlds Revealed, which is drawing near to its close; it runs through Sept. 4.

Downtown Carrollton’s Movie on the Square series continues with Beauty and the Beast. The family-friendly classic overflows with unforgettable characters, not least of all the heroine Belle, a brave and independent young woman who is taken prisoner by a beast in his castle. The beast turns out to be not so bad. The movie rolls at sunset in Carrollton’s historic square, a hort walk from Downtown Carrollton Station.

Sunday, Aug. 13
Teen duo Johnny Orlando and Mackenzie Ziegler hit the stage at House of Blues – as you may already be aware if you have a tween in your household. Orlando’s rise has been meteoric; he’s been nominated for a Teen Choice Award and has released three successful singles. The House of Blues is a short walk from West End Station.


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Celebrate National Book Lovers Day

Wild Detectives 1

It’s National Book Lovers Day, and we have one of the coolest bookstores anywhere right on the Dallas Streetcar line. The Wild Detectives is a unique, one-of-a-kind place – and a DARTable Gem, as well – that serves as a salon for local bookworms. In addition to a hand-picked selection of books for sale, you will find local craft beer, wine and tapas.

Calling themselves “inspectors of life,” the owners of The Wild Detectives have created a charming indie bookstore that has become a second home for local writers and artistic types, and welcomes anyone who appreciates the life of the mind. If you’re a book lover, that means you! Best of all, Wild Detectives is two and a half blocks from Bishop Arts Station on the Dallas Streetcar line.

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