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Moving DART to meet new demands

Transit industry leaders are meeting in Washington, DC this week to discuss how they can respond to the changing expectations of their customers. This column from DART’s President/Executive Director Gary Thomas was prepared for the American Public Transportation Association. By … Continue reading

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Keeping DART Safe for Everyone

A key part of our mission at DART—to build, establish, and operate an efficient, and effective transportation system—is ensuring a safe riding environment for the North Texans using our system as well a secure system for the cities and communities … Continue reading

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A Safer System, a Safer Region

DART is committed to creating a safe and secure experience for riders and strives to ensure a safer region for all North Texans. That’s why we work daily on a number of passenger and community initiatives to improve the safety … Continue reading

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Transit Options + Business = Prosperity

There are many factors that can make a region attractive to businesses looking to set up shop. Some of those factors include geography, taxes, regulatory requirements, quality of workforce, and transit options. North Texas checks off many of these boxes, … Continue reading

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Meet Kevin

Name: Kevin Age: 19 Occupation: Student, Southern Methodist University Hometown: San Diego, CA How DART Impacts My Life: In high school, I had always dreamed of going to college in Texas! Southern Methodist University in Dallas had the program and … Continue reading

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Meet Julie

Name: Julie Age: 42 Occupation: Civil Engineer Hometown: Plano, Texas How DART Impacts My Life: My life is busy! With two kids, a husband, and our dachshund Louie, my family is always on the move. We live in Plano and … Continue reading

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Meet Alex

Name: Alex Age: 31 Occupation: Entrepreneur, Coffee Shop Owner Hometown: Carrollton, Texas How DART Impacts My Life: I was born and raised right here in North Texas. Ever since I was young, I have always wanted to open my own … Continue reading

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Have a transit question? We have an app for that!

Technology is changing the way we live our lives every day, and that includes how we use public transportation.  DART is committed to embracing technology and ensuring that our services lead the way for public transportation across the nation. From … Continue reading

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We Are North Texas’s Mobility Manager

No North Texan is the same. We’re business professionals, we’re parents, we’re students, we’re small business owners. The underlying thread that connects us all is movement; each one of us navigating our way around this great region to get to … Continue reading

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North Texas has school spirit, how about you?

Did you know that DART has a bus stop or rail station within walking distance of more than 30 North Texas trade schools, colleges and universities?  As part of our Destination: North Texas series, we are exploring all the educational … Continue reading

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