Personalize Your Travel with the Award-Winning GoPass App

Plan your trip in real-time, connect your commute’s first and last mile, get on-demand service. DART’s award-winning GoPass app puts mobility in your hands – literally.

The app is now the recipient of the American Public Transportation Association’s 2019 Innovation Award. With features like fare capping and real-time trip planning, GoPass offers riders like you a transit solution that makes mobility personal.

The innovation award honors public transportation agencies that pioneer effective, problem-solving techniques new to the public transportation industry.

The app launched in 2013 and touts more than 1.1 million downloads and more than 10 million ticket sales. Features you can experience include:

  • Fare capping
  • Real-time trip planning
  • Cash-to-mobile payment options
  • Inclusion of corporate annual and college semester passes
  • Apple Pay functionality
  • Inclusion of the GoPass Wallet
  • Ride-sharing services: such as scheduling DART’s GoLink service and UberPool.

Let’s call it a powerhouse, because it is. The GoPass app is the first public transit ticket-purchasing app in the nation that incorporates multiple transit agencies, as well as different modes of transportation. The all-in-one travel tool offers you mobile ticketing throughout North Texas, including on DART, the Trinity Railway Express, Trinity Metro and the Denton County Transportation Authority.

Want to see what the hype is all about? Download the app for free today from the Apple App Store or the Google Play store.



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