Tips for Traveling on DART During the State Fair of Texas


It’s almost time for the State Fair of Texas® to return to Fair Park in Dallas. This year, the Fair will run Sept. 27-Oct. 20.

Since Fair Park is DARTable, our regular DART riders should expect to see more people than usual on trains, rail platforms and some bus routes. Customers should anticipate large crowds on college football game days (Sept. 28, Oct. 12 and Oct. 19), Columbus Day (Oct. 14), student Fair days, and on days where there is a big Main Stage musical act.

To have a more enjoyable commute, here are a few things DART wants its customer to know:

Check for special schedules
DART’s normal hours of rail service are roughly 5 a.m. to midnight. However, during the Fair, DART will offer more frequent and extended service, including special game-day service for the Texas/OU game on Oct. 12. Visit to view special DART Rail schedules.

Use your GoPass app®
The GoPass app is a great travel tool year-round, but particularly during the Fair. You can buy DART transit passes, purchase discounted State Fair entrance tickets, and plan trips – all from your smartphone. Check for updates to ensure you have the latest version of GoPass.

Head to a farther door when boarding
It’s natural to get on at the closest train entrance – that’s why some sections are often more crowded. Stretch out a little! Look for the doors without a line. And inside the train, take a seat if you can or move to the center of the vehicle if you are standing.

Sign up for DART Alerts
Staying “in the know” while traveling to your destination isn’t always easy. Fortunately, DART makes it easier with My DART Updates, a free service that allows subscribers to receive rider alerts and service notifications by SMS/text message or email. Sign up at and be sure to select “DART State Fair Service Information” along with other topics like “All DART Rider Alerts.”

Please help the Special Event riders
Customers who ride DART infrequently, or are trying transit for the first time, may need a little assistance from the regular riders. Offer to show people how to use the ticket vending machines. Tell others about the GoPass app. Press the button if the train doors don’t open automatically. Share the best stops to switch trains to get to the Green Line. A little kindness will make for a smoother trip for everyone.

Find more at or call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.


About Karen Ptacek

Karen is a Communications Representative at Dallas Area Rapid Transit. She is the project manager and primary writer/editor of DART's Inmotion newsletter and the annual Progress Report publication. She also contributes to DART Daily, Rider Insider and other newsletter articles.
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