The M-Line’s 30th Anniversary is What’s Shakin’ on July 22

A shake on a hot summer day? We’re in. And if it helps with a good cause, that makes it even sweeter.

In July 1989, the M-Line began rolling on the historic trolley tracks uncovered by construction crews a few years earlier. It was the start of a new era for McKinney Avenue and environs, which were still a few years away from being called Uptown. The service was started as a private initiative, and to this day the M-Line relies on donations to operate its free, iconic service.

On Monday, July 22, you can help the M-Line celebrate its 30th anniversary, enjoy a burger, shake or frozen custard at the also-iconic Shake Shack, and make a donation to this beloved local institution – all at the same time.

From 11 a.m.-11 p.m., Shake Shack will donate 25% of your total meal price to support the M-Line. The famous burger-and-shake joint also will be serving frozen custard right at the trolley stop nearest its Uptown location at Pearl and McKinney. Ride the trolley there, enjoy a delicious meal, and show your appreciation for something cool that helps make Dallas, Dallas.

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