Safety on the D2 Subway

June is National Safety Month, so we’re taking the opportunity to show how safety informs everything we do.

Now that 10 percent of the conceptual design for the D2 Subway is complete, it’s the perfect time to explore the safety features that are part of the design of the D2 stations and platforms.

The D2 Subway project involves four new stations: Museum Way, an at-grade station, and Metro Center, Commerce, and CBD East, all underground stations.

Access and Emergency Services

Stations will be designed to ensure emergency services can respond to any incidents as quickly as possible and also so DART can maintain air quality and ensure adequate emergency exits

  • Security cameras will allow DART Police officers to easily monitor station activity and quickly respond to any incidents.
  • Stations will incorporate fare control barriers to ensure that only DART customers can enter the station platform areas, and may include doors that lock during non-service areas.
  • Platforms will have emergency assistance systems to ensure a fast response and passenger safety in an emergency situation.
  • Stations will also have an effective ventilation system to maintain good air quality in the station, as well as to filter and remove any unhealthy air conditions associated with emergency situations, like a fire.
  • Stations will include emergency exits in addition to those used for daily access, to ensure that customers can exit stations within specific time frames in case of an emergency.

Platform Edge Doors

DART is considering use of platform edge doors in the subway stations. Platform edge doors are an automatically controlled barrier to the tracks, which only allows passengers access when a train arrives and stops at a station. These barriers:

  • Improve station security by restricting access to the tracks and tunnels
  • Enhance passenger safety by preventing accidental falls off the platform onto the lower track area

As a bonus, platform edge doors prevent litter build up on the rack as well as improve the sound quality of platform announcements.

Signage and Lighting

Ensuring that people using the D2 Subway know where they are going and can get there safely is critical – especially in an emergency situation. That’s why the D2 stations will have intuitive signage throughout, to make it easy for passengers to access their train, but also connect from stations to local attractions and destinations. People’s ease of getting around will be further enhanced by effective lighting design, which will keep the platform open, visible and well-lit, and will support security and surveillance technology.

For more information on what goes into building the D2 Subway, check out our “Anatomy of a Subway” series, and stay tuned to DART Daily for updates on the project’s progress.

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