New Traffic Signal Pilot Program to Speed Up Your Bus Commute


Picture this: You arrive at a traffic signal on board your regular DART bus commute. Traffic is backed up as usual and you’ve stopped at an intersection. Now, imagine your bus driver having the ability to initiate an earlier green light.

For bus riders along certain Belt Line, Hampton, Buckner and Spring Creek Parkway routes, DART is making that vision a reality.

On March 15, DART Board approved a new 5-year traffic signal pilot program called Transit Signal Priority. The program will allow DART bus operators to trigger earlier and longer green lights along specific DART bus routes with congestion and efficiency issues.

That means goodbye traffic congestion and hello to a speedier commute.

The $2.9 million pilot program will take place at intersections in Dallas, Garland, Farmers Branch, Addison, Carrollton, Richardson and Plano. The program aims to reduce or remove unnecessary stops at signalized intersections beginning in 2020.

DART plans to install and maintain the Transit Signal Priority equipment along Belt Line, Hampton, Buckner and Spring Creek Parkway corridors, serving Bus Routes 211, 402, 403, 453 and 467.

Learn more about the new Transit Signal Priority pilot program at


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