New Flyer XN-40 Buses to Offer a More Convenient Ride


Get ready for a smoother, cleaner and more efficient ride.

Beginning Aug. 12, we’re adding 41 new buses to our fleet to simplify and quicken your commute in and around Dallas, especially during peak travel times.

Known as the Flyer XN-40, the new buses span 40 feet in length and offer a few new perks to your commute.

While you ride, you can charge your phone on one of the 33 seats with USB port availability. The buses also feature interior information monitors, vinyl upholstery on the seats and tinted windows, which help make your ride a comfortable one.

The new Flyer XN-40 buses merge both comfort and sustainably. The buses run on compressed natural gas, a cost-effective fuel option that helps the buses run quietly. This fuel option also produces less greenhouse gasses than traditional gasoline and diesel fuel, thus promoting a cleaner environment.

Other new bus features include a barrier door shield and a sliding window for DART operators, automatic passenger counters and an on-board battery management system.

Learn more about how DART’s new Flyer XN-40 buses can connect you to where you need to go at

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