Tell Us What Locals Know

Are you a local socialite? A neighborhood aficionado with a deep knowledge of your area’s unique shops, restaurants and enjoyable things to do? A supermom who can expertly navigate a third-grader, a toddler and a double stroller to some cool, off-the-beaten-path fun? Well, tell us what you know!

We’re currently working on the July-August edition of Rider Insider – the helpful little where-to-go-what-to-see brochure you may have seen on DART trains and buses. We’ll be sharing inside information with tourists who probably already know about the Sixth Floor Museum and NorthPark. But they could use a little help finding those tucked-away neighborhood gems only a local would know about.

That’s where you come in. Share your favorite places with us by April 30, and there’s a pretty good chance you’ll see it in the brochure – or if not, then here on the blog or elsewhere in the social media-verse. The only real criterion is that it must (of course) be DARTable.

We all know where tourists go. Tell us what locals know.


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