Ask DART: Why is DART Replacing the Light Rail Tracks in Downtown Dallas?

Why is DART replacing the light rail tracks in downtown Dallas?
The original DART Rail starter system opened in June 1996. After more than 20 years of wear and tear, the tracks – also known as rail – are worn out. DART replaced the most-worn sections of rail in 2014. This year, the agency is replacing the rest of the rail.

Will other track improvements take place?
Yes! In addition to replacing the remaining old rail, DART will:

  • Replace an existing crossover near West End Station
  • Add a crossover near St. Paul Station
  • Replace the track interchange near Pearl/Arts District Station
  • Repair the underlying road and drainage at four street intersections

When does construction start and end, and what will impact will it have on rail service?
Construction begins March 30. DART Rail in downtown Dallas will be shut down on the weekends for at least 25 consecutive weekends. DART Rail will be back in service each Monday morning at the start of service.

DART plans to finish the rail replacement work on Labor Day weekend, Aug. 31-Sept. 2.

Where will work on the DART Rail line be done?
Track replacement will take place along Pacific Avenue and Bryan Street between Pearl/Arts District Station and West End Station.

Rail service will be interrupted:

  • Red and Blue lines – between Union Station and Pearl/Arts District Station
  • Green Line – between Victory Station and Deep Ellum Station
  • Orange Line – between Victory Station and LBJ/Central Station, and between Victory Station and Parker Road Station

Will Union Station or Convention Center Station be affected?
No, Union Station will not be affected. The track and road work will span from the rail junction outside West End Station to the rail junction outside Pearl/Arts District Station.

How will customers get through downtown Dallas if there is no light rail service?
Six separate DART shuttle bus routes will operate during the weekend closures to serve the affected downtown stations.

Local bus routes stop at all four closed rail stations, just as the train would.
Express bus routes bypass the four closed rail stations.

Are these bus routes/bus bridges free to ride?
No, customers will need a valid DART fare to ride these bus routes, just as they would the train or another DART bus route.

Where do customers go to catch the buses to get across downtown Dallas?Customers should look for the red Rail Service Disruption bus stop signs located near each rail station.

How can customers get more information about the downtown Dallas track improvements project?

  • Visit
  • Sign up for rider alerts and construction alerts at
  • Call DART Customer Service at 214-979-1111.

What is DART Plus?
DART has several improvement projects in the works that will create a smoother, more comfortable and more efficient ride for our customers. Every time you see DART Plus, you know that we are making major improvements to the DART System to build a better commute for North Texas. Learn more at

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Karen is a Communications Representative at Dallas Area Rapid Transit. She is the project manager and primary writer/editor of DART's Inmotion newsletter and the annual Progress Report publication. She also contributes to DART Daily, Rider Insider and other newsletter articles.
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2 Responses to Ask DART: Why is DART Replacing the Light Rail Tracks in Downtown Dallas?

  1. Josh says:

    The rail replacement has become a pile of __ first off why aren’t the shuttle buses at West end free to ride since the rail replacement is a massive inconvenience and why aren’t the trains on time with the schedules for example google says the train by my is supposed to be at Kiest station at 5pm but it won’t be and how come after over a I’ve reported multiple ticket machines not working over the last month and a half to two months and dart hasn’t done a __ thing about it and dart needs to have at least one cop per station patrolling each station and at least one on each train to stop bums and homeless from sitting at stations and riding on trains every time I go to a station or ride a train I get harrased for money and cigarettes by multiple dirty smelly rude bums and homeless dart is not keeping up with their transit system if the schedule says a bus and train is supposed to arrive and depart at specific times than they need to adhere to that schedule all in all I would give dart 0 stars in every catagory possible

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Hello, Josh. During track improvement construction, the shuttles act as substitutes for DART’s train service, so just like you would for a train ride, you’d need to also pay for one of the replacement shuttle rides.

      We are sorry your trains did not arrive on time and apologize for your troubles. We are sending your details to DART Customer Care as well as Rail and Bus Operations and DART Police. Please feel free to share more details such as times and locations using our online customer feedback form at:

      Also, if you ever need to share comments or complaints or report an incident to DART Police, you can use the DART Say Something app or call 214-256-1819. The app is available for free on iPhone and Android devices in the App Store and on Google Play.

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