Rider Tips During State Fair of Texas


State Fair of Texas®

The State Fair of Texas® comes only once a year, and with it, comes larger crowds on DART. This year’s Fair runs Sept. 28 through Oct. 21 at Fair Park in Dallas. Here are a few things DART wants regular riders to know:

Expect Bigger crowds during the Fair – use the whole train when boarding

It’s natural to want to get on at the closest door – that’s why some sections are often more crowded. During the Fair you will likely experience much larger crowds, especially on college football game days (Sept. 29, Oct. 6 and Oct. 20), Columbus Day (Oct. 8), High School nights, and on Fair days where there is a Main Stage act, so stretch out a little! Look for the doors without a line.

Check the DART schedule, it’s different

DART’s normal hours of service are roughly 5 a.m. to midnight. However, during the Fair, DART offers more frequent and extended service, as well as special game-day service for the Texas/OU game Oct. 6. Visit DART.org/statefair to view special DART Rail schedules.

Use Your GoPass app®

The GoPass app is a great travel tool year-round, but particularly so during the Fair. DART introduced a new version of the app in May 2018. Make sure you have the updated version on your phone. Real-time trip planning is one of many new features in the app. This means on those days during the Fair that DART service is different, you can use the app to plan your trip.

 Sign up for DART alerts

We know you’re busy and staying “in the know” isn’t always easy. Fortunately, DART makes it easier with the My DART Updates. Registered riders receive important updates that make for a better riding experience. Subscribe at DART.org/rideralerts.

Find more at DART.org/statefair.

Contact customer service at 214-979-1111.

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