Ride to Healthy Eats on D-Link

Feel good about your ride and what you put into your body when you ride DART’s new line of zero-emission D-Link buses to the following healthy eats in downtown Dallas.

Spice in the City

Spice in the City offers dietitian-built Indian and Tex-Mex fusion meals in the heart of downtown. With organic, vegan and vegetarian choices, you’re sure to find a healthy option your taste buds will enjoy. Ride D-Link to stop 13 or 14 and the restaurant sits a block away on Commerce Street.


Freshii, a fast-casual restaurant, aims to make superfoods like kale and quinoa affordable and convenient. The restaurant’s in-house nutritionist helps bring you meals that both energize and satisfy. Ride D-Link to stop 13 and the restaurant sits close by on Main Street.

Snap Kitchen

Need something healthy on the go? Snap Kitchen offers handmade meals to pick up, so you don’t have to do the cooking.  Ride D-Link to stop 18 then connect to the M-Line Trolley to McKinney Avenue.

Dallas Farmers Market

Head on over to the Dallas Farmers Market and explore a variety of healthy dining options such as Mudhen Meet and Greens and Wu Dujour. Ride D-Link to stop 16 and the market sits steps away.


Touting as the next generation salad bar, Salata takes your salad-making experience to the next level. Fill your salad with fruits, vegetables and protein options and leave healthy and happy. Ride D-Link to stop 13 and the Main Street location sits a short walk away.

What healthy eats have you ventured to on D-Link? Let us know in the comment section below.

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