Your Capital Planning Projects Periodical

We know that there is a lot going on at DART and in North Texas, that’s why we’re bringing you a Capital Planning Projects Periodical.  Each month, we’ll post an update about the status of some of our biggest projects. Stay tuned to learn what’s in the works for DART’s Capital Planning Projects.

What’s Crackin’ On the Cotton Belt

North Texas will soon be home to a state-of-the-art, regional rail line that will laterally connect our region: the Cotton Belt. This 26-mile rail line will integrate into communities along the corridor to make the entire DART system more reliable, safer, and efficient for the future. Want a deeper dive on the Cotton Belt? Check out our Behind the Tracks series. Here’s the latest of what you need to know about the Cotton Belt:

  • DART is wrapping up the Cotton Belt’s Environmental Impact Statement or EIS. This research will help DART create a plan to mitigate any disruptions the Cotton Belt may cause to the North Texas region.
  • Have questions? Email [email protected] to voice concerns or ask questions about the Cotton Belt.

The Deal on D2

Dallas’s second rail alignment, also known as the D2 Subway, will serve a critical purpose of relieving the pressure on the existing four light rail lines that all run on the same downtown tracks. This subway will allow North Texans to move more efficiently around our region and allow the DART system to continue to provide reliable transportation. Want to know more about how the D2 Subway will work? Check out our Anatomy of a Subway series to learn more about North Texas’s first underground rail line.

  • DART received the City Council’s approval and shortly thereafter the DART Board’s approval of the Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) in September 2017.
  • Although DART did not receive funding from the FTA, DART is currently reviewing potential funding sources to keep development of the D2 Subway on track.
  • DART will be holding public meetings about the D2 subway in September.
  • Have a D2 question? Shoot a note to this email [email protected] and stay tuned for updates by subscribing

New Mobility Mentions

DART has exciting clean news about our bus fleet! In July, we are saying goodbye to our last diesel bus and hello to a more environmentally friendly fleet. This low-emission transit fleet will not only improve service, but also reduce our carbon footprint on North Texas.

The DART Download

Summer has arrived in North Texas, but DART is not going on vacation. We’re your mobility manager, getting you where you need to go. Here’s some general news about what’s coming up in the region over the summer months.

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    Are there still plans to extend platforms on the red/orange line so 3 cars can be run?

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