EarthX Simple Truths


Girls walk across a lawn Friday afternoon at Fair Park during EarthX 2018.

Taking steps toward environmental sustainability may seem like a difficult task, but simple steps like riding public transportation can be an easy way you can positively impact the planet.

This week on Instagram, EarthX took over our account sharing the following simple truths about the environment ahead of its three-day celebration April 20-22 at Fair Park:

SIMPLE TRUTH: Dallas takes the running as the 11th most polluted city in the U.S., and North Texas has the highest ozone levels in the entire state.

SIMPLE TRUTH: Oceans generate every second breath we take, and 8 million tons of plastic populate oceans annually.

SIMPLE TRUTH: Planting trees helps the environment. A single tree absorbs one ton of carbon dioxide in its lifetime.

SIMPLE TRUTH: Large portions of the Arctic Ocean experience alarming warm winter days, with surface temperatures exceeding 25 degrees above normal.

Ride DART to EarthX at Fair Park now through April 22 and reduce your carbon footprint, impact on warming trends, and learn more about positive solutions for the planet.

When you ride DART’s Green Line to Fair Park Station, the entrance gates to Fair Park lie steps away. MLK, Jr. Station also serves Fair Park at Gate 6, near Cotton Bowl Stadium. From downtown Dallas, take the Green Line with signs that read BUCKNER, LAWNVIEW or FAIR PARK.

Check out these travel tips to ensure your trip to EarthX is a breeze. And, for more information about riding DART to EarthX visit

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