New Elevators to Provide Safer Access


Elevators are more than a convenience. They are a matter of safety and a requirement of the Americans with Disabilities Act. DART’s Passenger Amenities and Facilities Services (PA/FS) team, which oversees elevator maintenance, is replacing 10 elevator cabs along the Red Line of the DART system.

“Fully operational elevators are essential in providing our mobility impaired riders safe access to our platforms,” said Brenda Sadberry, manager of PA/Facility Services. “If our elevators aren’t working, we must make accommodations for these riders, such as bus bridges. This is inconvenient for our customers.”

There are two elevators each at Park Lane and Forest Lane stations. Work is currently underway at the south elevators at each of these stations and should be completed in April. Work on the north elevators at each of these stations will begin when the others are completed.

Elevators at the following stations are expected to be replaced by the end of fiscal year 2019:

• Walnut Hill, two elevators
• Spring Valley, two elevators
• Cityplace/Uptown, one elevator
• Mockingbird, one elevator

This project is more than repair and maintenance; this is a full replacement of the elevators, including new cabs, cables and controls.

“When complete, DART riders will get a major upgrade. Our elevators will be modern and standardized,” Sadberry said.

Preventive maintenance on the older elevators will continue until they are replaced.

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