Find Your Stuff at DART Lost and Found

As a daily train rider, I’ve lost my fair share of stuff on DART Rail. My cell phone. My day planner. My niece’s puffy painted hoodie. Fortunately, someone found and turned in the phone and day planner. I don’t why anyone else would want that crazy sweatshirt.

I’ve also found a few things, too, that I turn in to the first-floor Lost and Found window as soon as I get to DART Headquarters.

With so many people riding DART to the State Fair of Texas® and other fall festivals, it’s easy to accidentally leave something behind. Here’s how to get it back.

Be Proactive
Please try DART Lost and Found if you think you left an item on the bus, train or transit facility. DART’s fare inspectors, police, operators, cleaning crew and maintenance staff are all checking for lost articles. Our customers are pretty great, too, turning in items they find to DART personnel or the Lost & Found office.

So many items are never claimed because those customers assumed their belongings are gone for good. Chances are we have it at Lost and Found. You just have to ask.

Be Patient
It usually takes at least 1-2 business days for couriers to transfer items from the bus and rail divisions to DART Headquarters. Those items arrive at Lost and Found at 4 p.m. on business days. If staff or customers turn in items at another facility, it may take a few days longer.

Keep checking back every day or two. Guest relations agents log all items as they come in and items are well organized in a secure storage room. They can quickly determine if your item has arrived.

Be Descriptive
DART takes caution to return items to their rightful owners. When you call or visit about a lost item, be ready to share specific details about it: color, brand, contents, day and time lost, bus route or train line, vehicle direction – anything that can prove it’s really yours and help the representative find the item. Customers also must show a valid ID to claim their belongings.

For example, when I left my phone on the train, I told the rep that I lost a turquoise Samsung Galaxy with no case while riding the Red Line back to Parker Road. My phone was chipped in the bottom corner, on the AT&T network, and there was a photo of flamingos on my screen saver.

Be Preventive
When riding transit, keep your belongings on your lap, check around you before you exit the train or bus, and make sure you take your bike, suitcase or stroller when you leave the vehicle.

Make sure there’s a contact card in every bag, backpack or purse. If you lock your phone, find a way to put your name or an ICE (in case of emergency) number on the lock screen, or put a contact card in your phone case.

Guest relations agents check lost items for anything that might have your name, phone number and/or address. If they find contact information, they will call you or mail a letter.

DART Lost and Found
DART Headquarters at Akard Station
1401 Pacific Ave., Dallas
Hours of Operation:
Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

About Karen Ptacek

Karen is a Communications Representative at Dallas Area Rapid Transit. She is the project manager and primary writer/editor of DART's Inmotion newsletter and the annual Progress Report publication. She also contributes to DART Daily, Rider Insider and other newsletter articles.
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23 Responses to Find Your Stuff at DART Lost and Found

  1. Pamela Beasley says:

    So, if you get home after 5 and realize that you left your keys on the bus, your stuck for 2 days waiting to see if the bus is really where you left them. I knew where they were but it takes dart 2 days. It’s not a good system at all. I realized as soon as I got off the bus that I left them. However, there is no communicating with anyone after a certain time of day. And if it’s after ten oclock at night, when you need help the worst, there is no one there. Customer service at it’s best. You have to wait until 4 the following day. And since they close at 5, well, it could be yet another day. No one cares what happens to you or what you do until then.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      We’re sorry you experienced that, Pamela. Please feel free to share your details with DART Customer Care through our Customer Service Feedback form:

    • Jessica Rogers says:

      My name is Jessica and I have lost so many things on dart train and buses over the past three years…my important doctor papers. Notebooks, bags, my i.d./ drivers license was accidently taken by a dart police after I received a ticket. Can u please check and see anything with my name or may I come there and have a look. Thanks.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Hello, Jessica. We’ve shared your details with DART Lost and Found. You can also reach them at 214-749-3810 or visit them at:

      DART Headquarters at Akard Station
      1401 Pacific Ave., Dallas
      Hours of Operation:
      Monday through Friday: 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

  2. christina thomas says:

    I lost a Smart Start Device in a black carry case that’s court order. I’m hoping some one found it and just put it back or turned it in . Also a brown day planner/ Wallet two zip on side wallet other calendar and ID pics of my son and daughter. please help I rode from downtown to the TRE to Airport . I filed report with airport .

  3. Linda Webb-Manon says:

    Sorry to hear that. Have you contacted our lost and found? 214-749-3810

  4. Alan Burnia says:

    Hi, I lost my keys today and was wondering if I left them on the bus on my way to work or on my way home. I wanted to see if I could describe them, if someone would look to see if they were turned in. I am at work during your business hours so I can’t really just drop in to shock. If they are there in lost and found, that would justify the time off for the trip over there to get them. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    • Karen Ptacek says:

      Please call DART Lost & Found at 214-749-3810 and they will be able to tell you if your keys have been turned in.

  5. Karen Walker says:

    Thanks for the article. It was immensely helpful. My son and his black bag. 2 days is a row and while there were other issues, a helpful, friendly and cooperative staff that realized his circumstances were unusual…. I will just say that her hunting us down to let us know a second time even alerted me to come and get his belongings for him. That probably wasn’t in her job description, but we are so thankful!

  6. Dylan Meadows says:

    I lost a black nylon gym bag. It will have at least my last name “Meadows” written on the handle and inside will have a swimsuit, red polyester t-shirt, black jogging pants, a fast block phone charger (white block (tapered male wall end, female USB port on side of fat end, black cord (USB to microUSB)), charger battery (silver and slim, shaped like a smartphone) and a paperback book with a bright yellow color by David Finch titled “A Memoir of Marriage and Asperger’s Syndrome”. It was lost (possibly) on the Green Line Train southbound to Buckner Tuesday April 10, 2018 after departing from St Paul Station at 8:11 am.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      We’re sorry you lost your bag, Dylan. We’ve sent your details to DART Lost & Found. You also can reach them at 214-749-3810 for more assistance.

  7. cmm1981 says:

    Hey there, Greetings from Clay Morris i hope you guys having a good day. Friday Night i somehow misplaced my black and white plaid duffle bag on a dart train/train station at the Garland station it have my important papers and other items so I’m just retracing my steps…..And it also has a blank tag from the greyhound thanks

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Hello, Clay. We’re sorry you lost your bag. We’ve sent all of your details to DART Lost & Found. You also can reach them at 214-749-3810 for additional assistance.

  8. Dan Macey says:

    Very helpful… you walked the customer through the process step by step. Now, I am somewhat hopeful that my item will be located. Thanks DART!

  9. Leonard Harding says:

    On 4/18/2018 I lost my red folder.In it it has my probation papers, a slip telling me when my next report date is and Graduation certificate from my B.I.P.P class. It’s made out to Leonard Harding.
    My phone number is

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Hi, Leonard. DART Lost and Found informed us they were able to help you find your belongings. We’re happy about the good news! Enjoy your day!

  10. Shay Glover says:

    I lost my LG Stylo phone on 5-10-18 at about 7:10 am. I remember the exact bus route and time because I catch that bus all the time to get to the store. I called Lost and Found today (5-11-18) and they said it hadn’t been turned in. Most likely, someone saw my phone and kept it. I know there are cameras on each bus and I was wondering if it was possible to review the bus footage and see if someone really did swipe it. Like I said, I know almost exactly what bus I was on so tracking down the route shouldn’t be that hard.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Hi, Shay. We’re sorry you lost your phone. We’ve sent all of your details to DART Lost & Found so they can better assist you. You also can reach them at 214-749-3810 for additional assistance.

  11. Loretta Fabrizio says:

    I rode the 283 from downtown Dallas to lake ray Hubbard transit center then 385 chacha bus I left my phone on one of those buses it
    It is a lg. Stylo 2 with a blue cas I have called it no answer please call

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      We’re sorry about your phone, Loretta. We’ve sent all of your details to DART Lost & Found. You also can reach them at 214-749-3810 for additional assistance.

  12. J vet says:

    I rode the 287 express from downtown to red bird dart station this evening on the 4:59 bus leaving main st…I thought I dropped my black pad in my purse but in hurry slipped on side on left in seat.want to know how to let Driver know if turned in .

  13. Norma Reyna says:

    Hi I lost my car keys on the Blue line from Garland Texas on 7/23/2018 at about 7:30 am when I got off the train. Unfortunately the car has a “fob” with a push button start and I can’t call a locksmith to open or replace the keys. It has to be done at a dealership. My car is parked at a “Park and Ride” station and I am hoping that it does not get towed while I get this issue resolved. How do I notify someone at DART so the car does not get towed?

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Hello, Norma. We’ve shared your details with DART Customer Service. Please call DART Lost & Found at 214-749-3810 so they can further assist you.


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