Be a DART Expert: See if You Can Tell Myth from Fact!

We get it. There are a lot of misconceptions when it comes to public transportation! We’re setting the record straight this week, giving you of the facts so you can be a North Texas transit expert.

Myth #1: Public transportation is a drain on North Texas’ resources, and does not stimulate our economy.

FACT: Public transportation is an economic driver. More than $7 billion has been invested in new and planned development projects near DART stations. Existing and future development near DART transit will result in $229 million in tax revenue. This tax revenue will support critical community services including funds for schools, public safety, health, veterans, and senior services.

Myth #2: Public transit may help people commute to and from work, but other than that it doesn’t support North Texas’ workforce.

FACT: The supply chain of public transportation includes much more than just light rail or bus operations.  One billion dollars of federal investment in public transportation supports or creates 47,500 jobs. The public transportation industry supports a large diversified supply chain.  Vehicle and equipment manufacturers, service providers, and technology companies all do business with public transportation, supporting a broad array of businesses. DART has driven significant job growth in North Texas.  According to a study from the University of North Texas, from 2014-2015 transit-oriented development created 43,000 new jobs and gave over $3 billion in wages.

Myth #3: There are no major public transportation networks in Texas cities other than DART.

FACT: Texas boasts more than eight major metropolitan transit systems.  Austin’s Capital Metro and Houston’s METRO are just two of these systems in addition to another 39 rural transit systems!

Myth #4: We don’t need more public transit projects in North Texas! We already have a light rail system and plenty of buses. There is more than enough public transit to accommodate our region.

FACT: North Texas is growing. The U.S. census shows the Dallas-Fort Worth region is the second-fastest-growing metro area in America.  Population is expected to increase by 64 percent (from 6.5 million to nearly 11 million) by 2040. The population of the 13-city DART Service Area should grow by 36% to over 3 million. Expanding our public transit and diversifying our modes of transit we can increase capacity. A holistic public transit system will continue to support our population increase and allow more businesses thrive in our region.

Now you have the facts!  Make sure to impress your friends and family by sharing your knowledge and continue to check for updates on the newest transit projects coming to North Texas.

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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) gets you around 13 cities with rail, bus, paratransit, and rideshare services. We serve DFW International Airport and Fort Worth via the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). The service area consists of 13 cities: Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and University Park.
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2 Responses to Be a DART Expert: See if You Can Tell Myth from Fact!

  1. Tom Ryden says:

    Based on numerous conservative websites including the Heritage Foundation, many still believe public transportation is just for the poor and minorities. Show the facts about DART ridership to dispel that myth.

    Another myth to address is …. highways pay for themselves and so transit should too and therefore my sales taxes should be reduced to eliminate subsidized forms of transportation

  2. V says:

    I ride Dart have been for ten years to Plano I have problems getting to work the buses does not show up on time or at all I can’t get home in the evenings because the buses are not connecting I ride the 208 to Plano in the evening I ride the 346 from Corporate Drive from Bank of America to the Northwest Plano park and ride to try and catch the 208 bus Which does not connect times when I’m arriving on the 346 the 208 is pulling off I don’t agree with dart service it’s not accommodating not to the people who are trans muting from downtown to Plano and from Plano to downtown we have contacted. Several times on the connection problem and the picking up and dropping off we have yet to see a change indoor service to Plano and from Plano to downtown Dallas

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