Decisions, Decisions! Choosing the D2 Subway Route

Determining the right route for the D2 Subway is a process.  The good news is that DART is on its way to determining a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA) that DART will submit to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) in September. Today, we’re taking a deeper look at each of the three primary corridors and streets the D2 Subway could run parallel to below-ground.

But before we get into the nitty gritty, some of you may ask:

Why is the D2 Subway important?

The D2 Subway is in development because it will:

  • Increase capacity to our strained light rail system in downtown Dallas.
  • Provide even greater flexibility for the DART system as a whole by connecting different modes of transit at critical points, continuing service during repairs or incidents and adding service to new areas.
  • Enhance mobility and provide access to even more riders now and support our growing region for years to come.

What are our options?

We’ve mentioned before that DART identified and evaluated exit and entry points for the D2 Subway. The Technical Committee and the Stakeholder Committee recommended the Swiss Avenue and the Victory Right-Of-Way (ROW) option to advance to advance with a short-list of alternatives.  DART continues to work with stakeholders in the Deep Ellum area to ensure the east connection fits with the vision of the area and still meets DART’s needs. Below are the three alternatives that DART will continue to develop further with both the Swiss Avenue and the Victory ROW options: 

  • Pacific Street: For this alternative, the D2 Subway would actually be built underneath Pacific Street along the existing light rail corridor. Although this may reach a market area as we do now, this option could be beneficial causing less disruption to businesses and services above ground. DART headquarters and the East Transfer Center are located along this corridor, which means that DART’s own property could be used to build the D2 Subway.
  • Elm Street: The D2 Subway could run parallel to Elm Street underground. This route for the D2 Subway would be one block south of the existing corridor.
  • Commerce Street: The Commerce Street option would connect from the Victory option and run approximately 9,900 feet until it connects to the Swiss Avenue option. The D2 subway would be approximately three blocks south of the existing corridor.

Interested in Learning More?

What do you think about these three alternatives?  Curious to find out where potential stations might be located? Have thoughts on a connecting streetcar alignment? Come to today’s public meeting:

When: Tuesday, April 18th, 2017
When: 12:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m.
Where: DART Headquarters, Board Room, 1401 Pacific Avenue, Dallas, TX 75202

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11 Responses to Decisions, Decisions! Choosing the D2 Subway Route

  1. RE says:

    I think the Commerce St. option would tie very nicely with the big development plans the city and AT&T have for the Commerce/Akard area.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Thanks for sharing your suggestion. We’ve sent along your opinion and appreciate the input.

  2. Joycelyn Williams says:

    I think the Commerce street option allow train further to the south in the central part of downtown. This open up potential new ridership into downtown. I think there was some concern regarding the East transfer Station, however how much is the east Transfer station being used today? Most of the time that I am in that part of downtown it appears almost deserted.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Thanks for your input, Joycelyn. We’ve sent along your suggestion. We appreciate the feedback.

  3. Robert Shaddock says:

    If one of the goals is as stated “adding service to new areas” then I feel the Commerce Street option is the only viable one. Having the line under the present line or just one block away under Elm does not meet this goal.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Robert. We’ve sent along your suggestion.

  4. Larry Hayles says:

    Commerce would be good. Would be even better if they could also connect to the underground walkways.

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Thanks for your input, Larry. We’ve sent along your suggestion. We always appreciate the feedback.

  5. Justin Knowlton says:

    I absolutely believe that Commerce Street is the right path. AT&T has committed to creating a $100M entertainment zone at Commerce and Akard which the subway would serve directly. It would also connect with the Statler and provide better access to the government center.

  6. Stacy says:

    The Pacific alignment would work great to create a centralized transfer point at Akard Station, a new Union Station of sorts that would be extremely user-friendly to new and old riders alike looking to move between the Red/Blue and Green/Orange Lines. Additionally the area around Akard Station could be redeveloped as a commercial hub in the same way Texas Central Railway is hoping to make a real destination out of their proposed station in the Cedars. It would also allow the project to be built under budget which is always a great plus when competing for federal money.

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