Growing North Texas: By Bus, By Rail, By Streetcar

The DART transit system is made up of many different modes, each coming together as part of an integrated network that strengthens our region. As a complete system, DART is not only moving North Texans from Point A to Point B, but also improving our economy, job opportunities, quality of life, and much more.

Each mode along with the new transit projects we develop work together to make our system more efficient, effective, and valuable. Each new transit project, whether it’s the D2 Subway, the Cotton Belt regional rail line, or other system improvements and expansions, represents a critical piece of the larger picture of how transit helps support all North Texas residents, businesses, and our region’s economy, now and in the future.

Multiple Modes Make Travel and Commerce in North Texas More Efficient

DART operates more than 93 miles of light rail, 652 buses, 11,973 bus stops, and 64 light rail stations, all connecting our vast region and allowing residents and businesses to move more efficiently, safely, and flexibly around a 700-square mile area.

Not too long ago, North Texas and Dallas only had limited modes of public transportation. From 1964 to 1988, the Dallas Transit System was the primary transit service for North Texas.  Building off of the existing bus system, DART created light rail lines to unite the region and create connection points between bus routes. Services expanded far beyond light rail and buses to include paratransit services, Dallas Streetcar, M-Line Trolley, HOV Lanes, FLEX bus service, and more.

DART has created a multi-modal system that connects and drives the entire region forward, improving mobility not only for those who ride transit but for everyone who travels through the region.

A Stronger North Texas

  • DART accommodates North Texas’s growth
    North Texas is growing at an amazing rate. Our labor market adds 330 jobs every day.  Population is estimated to increase by 36 percent by 2040, and DART’s capital planning projects will help the region accommodate this influx of new residents and the commercial growth that will accompany it.
  • DART drives our economy
    Transit, including planned expansions and improvements, drives development and job creation and increases tax revenue. From 2014 to 2015, the University of North Texas estimates transit-oriented developments generated $69 million in tax revenue, spurred 43,000 new jobs, and $3 billion in wages.

DART’s comprehensive multi-modal system has and will continue to transform transportation in North Texas, ensuring everyone who lives and works here benefits from a truly 21st Century transportation network.

About DART Daily

Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) gets you around 13 cities with rail, bus, paratransit, and rideshare services. We serve DFW International Airport and Fort Worth via the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). The service area consists of 13 cities: Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and University Park.
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2 Responses to Growing North Texas: By Bus, By Rail, By Streetcar

  1. Vannay says:

    I do not agree with the moving efficiently. Is very undependable in my opinion I catches the bus from downtown to Plano and most of the time the buses are late they don’t show up and there is no way for us to contact Dart to get an answer to why the bus has not shown up or why it is late the people in the Transit Center downtown are rude and no help at all don’t want to answer questions very rude and attitudes are really bad I have a problem with dart getting to work and getting home the schedule has changed I ride the bus to work but now when I have doctor’s appointments it is hard for me to leave in midday to get home to my appointment because there is no service after peak hours also the buses does not connect to downtown and from the area and Plano which it serves I work for Bank of America I cannot get a bus to get me to the park and ride in time to make a connection there for I am waiting for the next bus that it’s subject not to show up you have buses pulling off when other buses are pulling into the park and ride which is not benefiting the Riders to connect we have complain about the service for the 208 for years now going on 6 years it is unfair that they can have buses for the riders coming into downtown Dallas from Plano when the writers of downtown Dallas cannot get to Plano I would appreciate Dart treating everyone fairly we all pay the same amount of money to ride the bus we choose the service to get us to and from our jobs on time and that is not happening whoever is receiving the comment in the other Riders would appreciate that this will be looked into and correct it very soon

    • Krystal-Rose Agu says:

      Vannay, thank you for your feedback. We’ve sent you concerns to Bus Operations.

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