4 Things You Need To Know About D2 (As We Head Into 2017)

DART exists to serve the people and communities of North Texas, and your feedback about the projects we are planning, like the second alignment known as D2, is a crucial part of the process. The DART Board originally approved a plan to build D2 as a primarily aboveground light rail, but we’ve heard from our stakeholders that what makes the most sense for the downtown Dallas community is a below-ground transit solution.

DART is listening, and we’re in agreement that a subway offers the best balance of everyone’s needs. Going underground does change the scope of the project drastically, and we want to ensure everyone understands all the implications. We will continue seeking your support and input on the development of D2, and here are four things you need to know about D2 as a subway (we’ll discuss each of these in more detail in future posts):

  • TIMELINE. D2 as a subway shifts our timeline, and we’ll be trying to move forward expeditiously to complete it in a timely fashion.
  • COST. D2 will be more expensive as a subway and there are currently no guarantees of how much federal funding we will be able to win. We are going through the process of securing funding for D2 as a Core Capacity project.
  • SYSTEM SUSTAINABILITY. All of our projects are intended to have a long lifecycle.  DART is building D2 to sustain our transit system for years to come as Dallas and the region continue to grow.
  • WORKING TOGETHER. We need your input and support as we continue planning the design of D2. We will all need to work together to achieve the best possible outcome.

As you know, our region needs D2. Alleviating the bottleneck on existing lines, expanding capacity as our population grows and opening up economic opportunities for our region are just a few reasons we are going forward with a second alignment.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll discuss these four factors that affect the planning of D2. Stay tuned!

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