Three Words: Little Free Libraries


Imagine you are sitting on a bench at Akard Station, waiting for the Orange Line to come through. The next train arrives in 12 minutes and you would love something to do to pass the time, something to read perhaps — a book, a magazine, a tourist’s guide that shows you all the DARTable places to visit downtown.

With Little Free Libraries you could do just that.

Little Free Libraries/Libros Libres is a literacy and community design initiative in Dallas that uses free book exchanges to build community. The movement is expanding to DART’s Akard and St. Paul stations aiming to strengthen the city’s access to literary resources and promote spaces for interaction.

Earlier this month, members of the community, DART staff, buildingcommunityWORKSHOP and other local design firms ventured up and down Akard and St. Paul stations asking riders about their opinions and ideas about these libraries.

From brochures to romance novels, to fashion magazines and books by Edgar Allen Poe, riders offered what they thought about how these libraries should function and the materials they should offer.

Now, it’s your turn to chime in.

Join the discussion in a Little Free Libraries design meeting Nov 15 at Serj Books in Dallas from 5:30-7 p.m. to brainstorm how Little Free Libraries at Akard and St. Paul stations can engage Downtown Dallas’ community, celebrate the stations’ local contexts and reflect the needs and values of the people who frequent those spaces.

For more information about the meeting download this brochure. To RSVP for the meeting, visit the Facebook event page . And, for more information about Little Free Libraries visit


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