Salami Days Are Here Again


This happens to us every year: National Salami Day sneaks up on us, and by the time we get to the store to get a last-minute card for our neighborhood butcher, they’re already sold out. No matter, there are plenty of places to get a tasty sammich featuring that favorite Italian cold cut, and some of the best are DARTable.

You can’t talk sandwiches without talking Jimmy’s Food Store, the DARTable Gem that’s been serving up authentic, East Coast-style hoagies in a funky little corner of East Dallas for generations. And you wanna talk salami? Jimmy’s has salami. In fact, Jimmy’s has a second-to-none Italian meat counter that draws devotees from around the metroplex. But if you can’t wait to get home, they make a variety of amazing sandwiches on site, too — several of which feature that delicious meat of the hour, made in the Genoa style. Jimmy’s is accessible by Bus Routes 1 and 24.

It may not be a sandwich joint per se, but the Cajun/Southern spot Bucky Moonshine’s makes the most authentic N’awlins-style muffaletta you’re likely to find in these parts – featuring a generous portion of (you guessed it) salami. It also has ham, mortadella, provolone cheese and house-made olive salad. Bucky Moonshine’s is a block from Baylor University Medical Center Station.

Antoine’s is an old standby that has claimed a devoted fan base for more than 30 years, turning out one of the best local takes on the Middle Eastern poorboy – ham, salami, cheese, and the sweet relish known as chow-chow. Those in the know go for the Super, which has nearly double the meat and cheese. Pick up some chips and a Dr. Brown’s to go with it, and have a seat at one of the communal picnic tables. Antoine’s is right across Harry Hines Blvd. from Medical Market Station on the Green Line.

Spoiler: There’s no salami at Latin Deli. But the sandwiches are delightfully different, with savory ingredients imported from places like Mexico and Peru. There’s plenty of other Latin fare, too, from baked goods to chilaquiles verdes. Don’t miss their selection of Mexican sodas. Latin Deli is a short walk from Union or West End stations.

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