As Our Region Expands, So Must Our Transportation Options

The North Texas economy is thriving. New opportunities, companies, and jobs are coming to our region. As employment opportunities increase, so does our population, which is estimated to increase by three million in the next five years.

What do economic and population growth mean for North Texas?

We will have even more people traveling to work, meeting with their doctors, going to school, visiting local shops and museums, or heading downtown to cheer on the Dallas Mavericks. A comprehensive multi-modal transportation system is critical to ensuring our residents and visitors can move safely and effectively throughout the region.

How does multi-modal transportation benefit an area like North Texas?

A multi-modal transportation network is multi-dimensional and flexible. Rather than thinking of transportation in siloes, such as cars versus buses versus walking, a multi-modal system anticipates that people will use more than one mode of transportation, such as taking the train to the bus, or using an individual car to connect with a rideshare partway through a commute. A multi-modal network increases both capacity and access to transportation options, and gives people greater flexibility in how they get where they need to go.

As Dallas plans for its transportation future, DART is thinking of ways our member cities can incorporate a portfolio of transit options, including light rail, bus routes, pedestrian walkways, and bicycle lanes, to accommodate more travelers while decreasing crowding in congested corridors. When planned and built in an integrated way, different types of transit complement each other, as well as cars, bicycles, and walking, ensuring travel remains affordable, efficient, frequent, comfortable, and safe.

How is DART preparing to serve North Texas’ growing transportation needs?

Currently, transit agencies in North Texas serve more than 35 million riders per year. That number will continue to grow as more people relocate to our area. Our goal is to integrate DART’s transit projects into a comprehensive transportation system that not only addresses current needs, but also allows for maximum benefit for years to come. By developing a comprehensive multi-modal transportation infrastructure, we can ensure North Texas will continue to prosper and all residents of our region will have access to the opportunities they need to flourish.

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