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jakesburgerWho doesn’t love a good hamburger? Whether your taste runs to the haute or the hefty, DART is your patty wagon to the best of the local offerings. You’ll have no trouble locating the beef at the following favorites.

Jake’s. Chalk this one up in the “trusty old favorite” camp, for sure. Jake’s has been plying their savory trade for nearly 30 years, and their successful formula is alive and well: top-notch, old-fashioned burgers with just the right amount of grease at an affordable price. Aside from offering table service and a full bar, Jake’s Uptown location hasn’t tinkered with much. That’s a good thing: Jake’s signature No. 1 Special with cheese tater tots ain’t broke, and it doesn’t need fixing. It’s right on the M-Line, too.

Twisted Root. What do John Wayne, Lil Wayne and Wayne Gretzky have in common? They all eat at Twisted Root, a front runner in the local burger renaissance and a mainstay of the funky Deep Ellum neighborhood. Here, instead of receiving a conventional order number, burger lovers are assigned a colorful namesake ranging from rap stars to Hollywood actors. The Waynes know their burger joints, too: each patty is fresh and perfectly seasoned, real buffalo burgers are available, and even the pickles and condiments are house-made. Don’t miss the homemade root beer float. It’s all only a couple of blocks from Deep Ellum Station on the Green Line, and there’s a location about a quarter-mile from Mockingbird Station, too.

Stackhouse. The phrase “burger house” usually doesn’t mean an actual house, but that’s just what this cozy Baylor-area spot is – a refurbished home that’s as comfortable as the food it serves. The burgers here are bursting with juicy goodness. If you’ve never had a fried-egg-bacon-and-peppers burger, it’s time to wake up and live. Pair it with some hand-cut sweet-potato fries, and you’re set. (Salads are crunchy, fresh and huge, in case you have a diet-conscious friend in tow.) Kick back on the rooftop deck and take in the sweeping views of the Dallas skyline. Any way you stack it, this new burger house satisfies. It’s only a block from Baylor University Medical Center Station.

The Fillmore Pub. Folks around Downtown Plano area swear by this comfortable, unassuming pub, flocking to it for its classic English-pub atmosphere, congenial vibe and – not least of all – the kitchen’s handy way with a patty. A burger with Guinness-marbled cheddar is the must-have here, but there are many other options, including one of the best veggie burgers in town. All of the sides are prepared fresh daily. You can wash it down with one of a dozen import and craft brews on tap or in bottles. When you get off the train at Downtown Plano Station, you’re practically there.

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