Farmers Branch Helps Create Safer Roadways for Cyclists and Motorists

Sharrow photo

Once considered a recreational activity, cycling today is viewed as a viable mode of transportation. That change is prompting cities like Farmers Branch to make it safer for motorists and cyclists to share the roadways.

As part of its Trial Master Plan, the city is painting sharrows, or shared-lane arrows, on the outside lanes of Valley View Lane between DART’s Farmers Branch Station and Midway Road, except for the stretch between Josey Lane and Webb Chapel Road.

Each sharrow marking consists of a stencil of a bicycle with two arrows above it, indicating that motor vehicles should “share” the lane with bicycles. The markings are approved by the Federal Highway Administration. They also let drivers know that they should expect to see bicycles on the street and must share the lane with cyclists, as well as remind cyclists they can ride in mixed traffic where there is no dedicated bike lane.

bike rack_18Just as cities consider cycling as a mode transportation, so does DART. All DART buses and trains can accommodate bicycles. On the front of buses, customers will find easy-to-use storage racks.

Aboard DART Rail, low-floor cars allow customers to roll their bike right onto the train. Once on board, customers will find bike hooks. Additionally, many rail stations and transit centers offer bike racks or bike lids.

To learn more about DART’s bicycle-friendly amenities, visit

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