DART to National Pecan Pie Day

Pecan Pie Sammys-BBQ

Happy National Pecan Pie Day! Since the pecan tree happens to be the state tree of Texas, you’d better believe there are some great examples to be found in the Dallas area – and many of them are DARTable. Not all of the following have pecan pie every day, but all are guaranteed to deliver the goods when it comes to pie.

Emporium Pies
Slices at this Bishop Arts favorite are large enough to be shared. Why you would do that, we have no idea. The delicious crust contains a sweet sauce with butter, bourbon, brown sugar and Texas pecans. Nutty. Simple. Perfect. It’s “our most perfect pies to date,” according to the popular pie place’s proprietors, and who are we to argue? Make sure to order with a scoop of ice cream. Near the D-Link at 314 N. Bishop Ave.
Sammy’s Barbecue. The pecan pie recipe comes down from the owner’s grandma, and it shows: it’s more about pecans than sweet filling, and it’s baked in house each day. There’s an almost rum-cake like kick to it, but the servers promise it’s unleaded. And under no circumstances should you skip the ice cream. Near the M-Line Trolley at 2126 Leonard St.

Norma’s Café. Okay, so no pecan pie here, but it’s easy to overlook that when Norma’s Mile-High Cream Pies – think of a bouffant hairdo in dessert form –beckon with such tempting flavors as lemon, coconut, chocolate and chocolate-peanut butter. They have great traditional fruit pies, too. Located near the D-Link at 1123 W. Davis St.
Mama’s Daughters’ Diner
The peach cobbler here is as reliable and trustworthy as the sunrise, and it’s been on the menu for decades. The homemade filling is made with peaches, cinnamon, and sugar. The restaurant also serves cobblers in mixed berry, blackberry, pecan, apple, and cherry. Also look for meringue, fried pies and more – no pecan pie, but we guarantee you’ll be satisfied. There are numerous locations around town, including one near Royal Lane Station at 2610 Royal Lane.

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