D2: Part of the Big Picture

The long-term vision for North Texas is to have an interconnected, multi-modal transportation system that fosters economic, cultural, and social growth in our region. D2 is part of that vision – and the amount of funding the project receives also affects the advancement of other projects.

D2 is Part of a Program of Interrelated Projects. DART is developing two other transit projects in conjunction with D2 in which we are seeking some level of federal funding. The Dallas Streetcar, which will expand the existing network to provide access to more places in the city, and platform extensions, which will accommodate longer trains thereby increasing train capacity, all fall under the Program of Interrelated Projects.

The most recent proposal to the Federal Transit Administration (FTA) proposed a budget of $650 million, which would allow DART to proceed with a Locally Preferred Alternative (LPA). DART took advantage of a 50/50 federal funding split to leave room for growth as we further define D2 and the remaining projects. However, if D2 exceeds the $650 million budget, it may impact funding for projects like the Streetcar, which still has to be approved by the City of Dallas.

D2 is Part of North Texas’ Larger Transit Picture. Although D2 largely serves downtown Dallas, DART is keeping the entire region in mind when it comes to funding D2. The Cotton Belt, which will connect an even larger area of North Texas, also depends on federal funds and local taxpayer dollars to move forward.

DART is Finding the Right Balance. These interrelated projects are designed to increase transportation flexibility and capacity throughout the region. DART is strategically seeking funding to support all of these projects and making the most of the limited federal dollars available to provide our communities with a strong, connected transportation system. Because DART’s funding requests and the scope of each project are not final, we will continue to balance the area’s needs and interests with the budget we know we are able to work within to achieve the best regional transit solution for North Texas.

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Dallas Area Rapid Transit (DART) gets you around 13 cities with rail, bus, paratransit, and rideshare services. We serve DFW International Airport and Fort Worth via the Trinity Railway Express (TRE). The service area consists of 13 cities: Addison, Carrollton, Cockrell Hill, Dallas, Farmers Branch, Garland, Glenn Heights, Highland Park, Irving, Plano, Richardson, Rowlett and University Park.
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