Operators Reflect on 20 Years of Light Rail

For 20 years, DART’s rail operators have been keeping our trains in motion and on track. Some of our first operators look back on their journey with DART. And below check out our fun video.

Cornell Smith
“In August, I will celebrate 37 years with DART. I have always been intrigued by trains, so I was very excited for the opportunity to serve as a rail operator. I remember the first day of service; our customers were packed on the station platforms just waiting to be the first to ride the new DART Light Rail train.”

Cornell Smith
Assistant Manager, CROF Rail Division

E Deleon picture“I’ve been with DART for 28 years. I made the switch from bus operator to light rail operator because I wanted to be part of a highly anticipated new service. Today, I hold a management position, but I remain proud of the seven years I served as a light rail operator. It means a great deal to me to know that our customers trusted me and had the confidence in me to operate the train safely.”

Ebaristo Deleon
Assistant Manager of Rail Ops Station/Yard


Javier Molina“I drove a bus for five years before becoming a rail operator. I’m very proud to have been in the third class of rail operators. It’s amazing to think that I was one of the first rail operators for a public transit agency that today is considered by many as having the greatest light rail system in the country! I’ve been with DART since 1990, and I love coming to work. Each day may present some challenges, but that is what makes it exciting.”

Javier Molina
Chief Operations Controller/Interim Sr. Mgr. Operations Controller Ctr.


Bridget Lowder“My career at DART began 23 years ago as a bus operator. I switched to rail operations because I wanted to a new challenge. My very first time operating a train was terrifying! But it got easier. In my six years as a rail operator, there was never a dull moment. I feel so fortunate to have enjoyed such a long career at DART. I love everything about working here!”

Bridget Brooks Lowder
Rail operations Controller I

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  1. Faraz Wood says:

    Wow, I can remember when this photo was taken of what was then the first 40 operators and supervisors. This was right before DART began revenue service for the first time. None of us knew at that time that we would become a part of DART history. There were only had two rail lines, the red line and the blue line. The red line operated from Pearl Station to Westmoreland station and the blue line operated from Pearl Station to Illinois Station. Now DART has the largest light rail system in the nation. DART and it’s employee’s have really followed through on the agency’s mission statement.

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