Sandwiches on the Line

Jimmys-V3-0622BB-823x420It’s National Sourdough Bread Day, which is the perfect occasion to celebrate all the great DARTable sandwiches out there.

It is well known that sandwiches were invented by the Earl of Sandwich, just as popcorn was invented by the Earl of Popcorn and salad dressing by the Oil of Vinegar. But since its humble beginnings as a hunk of meat between two slices of bread, the sandwich as become an art form — and some of the most notable local artisans can be found right along the DART lines.

You can’t talk sandwiches without talking Jimmy’s Food Store, the DARTable Gem that’s been serving up authentic, East Coast-style hoagies in a funky little corner of East Dallas for generations. Try the Italian Stallion, a traditional sub that doubles up on all the usual suspects – mortadella, capicola, soppressa, and other things hard to spell but easy to eat. Jimmy’s is accessible by Bus Routes 1 and 24.

Then there is Antoine’s, which has claimed a devoted fan base for more than 30 years, and turns out one of the best local takes on the Middle Eastern poor boy – ham, salami, cheese, and the picked relish known as chow-chow. Those in the know go for the Super, which has nearly double the meat and cheese. Pick up some chips and a Dr. Brown’s to go with it, and have a seat at one of the communal picnic tables. Antoine’s is walking distance from the DART Medical Market Station on the Green Line.

The Vietnamese sandwich known as a banh mi is served on a baguette, and you can get a great one from the Nammi food truck, a popular mobile eatery that’s parked Thursdays through Sundays at Klyde Warren Park. Grab a barbecue pork version, pull up a park bench, and enjoy a perfect respite from the office. The park is a few blocks from St. Paul Station, or right on the M-Line Trolley.

Sourdough bread, with its signature fermented yeast, has been around even longer than the sandwich – in fact, it dates to Ancient Egypt, making it the oldest form of leavened bread. Today, it’s known as a San Francisco specialty, and it’s a little hard to come by in these parts. La Spiga Bakery makes a great version locally — and the Italian bread-smiths can make a darn fine sandwich with it, too. Best of all, La Spiga is only steps from the Addison Transit Center.

To plan your itinerary to one of these local gems, use the trip planner at For ticketing, GoPass is the way to go – just download the app on your smart phone. You can buy and store DART passes, and use them whenever you want – just activate them when you board. Good to go!

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