Video: See DART’s cameo in ‘A City is a Poem’ video

Last weekend’s Dallas Festival of Ideas opened with a video that is making waves through the community. The video, called “A City is a Poem,” was shot and edited by local filmmaker Andrew Q Holzschuh and it is set to slam poetry by Joaquin Zihuatanejo.

Holzschuh explains the inspiration behind his viral video:

Four months after getting back from the PCT, after my wife and I decided to plant our roots back in Dallas for a while, I got asked to make a film about the very city I missed. Not for its status or skyline, but for its people and its hospitality. I was given the opportunity to collaborate with award-winning American slam poet Joaquin Zihuatanejo. With his poem in my head, I explored some of the less known about corners of Dallas and met some awesome people along the way.

Throughout the video, DART’s familiar yellow trains and buses act as a backdrop to the Holzschuh interpretation of the “less known about corners of Dallas.” Check it out for yourself and share your thoughts.

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