DARTable Destination: Meat-free eats on Lenten Fridays


Whether your’re observing the Lenten season and avoiding meat on Fridays or trying to maintain a healthier lifestyle in 2016, check out some of these DARTable destinations to enjoy some vegetarian, vegan or seafood eats.

Spiral Diner

Don’t let the vegan label deter you from Spiral Diner in Oak Cliff. This restaurant serves up healthy, affordable and delicious food to all types of eaters. Don’t miss the nachos. The “cheese” is actually a cashew-based sauce that gives the nachos a nutty flavor.

Spiral Diner is located at 1101 N. Beckley Avenue. Head two blocks south from the Dallas Streetcar’s Beckley Stop.

Shell Shack

Don’t be ashamed to strap on a bib at Shell Shack. This Uptown Dallas restaurant offers four types of crab, crawfish, oysters and more. The fun comes when the servers dump your crab legs directly on the paper-lined table for consumption.

Shell Shack is located at 2916 McKinney Ave. Hop on the M-Line trolley from St. Paul Station for door-to-door service.

Deep Sushi

Start out your Friday night in Deep Ellum with a stop at Deep Sushi. This laid-back venue has seafood and meat options for all members of your party. If you’re feeling adventurous, try one of the sushi boats that includes a range of raw fish options served on a miniature boat.

Deep Sushi is located at 2624 Elm Street, which is a few blocks away from Baylor University Medical Center Station on DART’s Green Line.

Dallas Fish Market

A list of seafood eats in North Texas wouldn’t be complete without mentioning fish and chips. Head to Dallas Fish Market to try one of the best rated fish and chips in the area.

Find Dallas Fish Market at 1501 Main St. Suite 100 in Downtown Dallas. Hop on any train to Akard Station and walk two block south.

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