Carrollton traffic signal boxes get an artistic DART treatment


As part of a new pilot program, traffic signal boxes in Carrollton are getting some artistic treatment highlighting the best that the city has to offer, including its connection to DART.

In September 2015, the Carrollton City Council approved the pilot program to incorporate artwork into the traffic signal boxes that exist at almost every intersection.

“These cabinets take advantage of an opportunity to carry our city branding into additional public spaces while creatively developing our corridors with designs that feature Carrollton’s assets,” said Marketing Director Kelli Lewis.

The city’s first wrapped signal box carries a familiar image: a DART Light Rail vehicle. This signal box is located at Hebron Parkway and SH 121 adjacent to the Burger King parking lot. A total of 36 more signal boxes will be wrapped as part of the project.

Thanks for making us a part of your art program, Carrollton!

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