Featured Photo: Easter Eggs at DART Stations


Thanks for the photo, @shawkilla! Each DART Station was designed to give subtle nods to the area it surrounds. In this case, LBJ/Central Station included circuit boards as a tip of the hat to the nearby Texas Instruments headquarters.

Built on historic farm acreage, LBJ/Central Station today provides easy access to Texas Instruments’ main campus. Bounded on one side by a verdant creek, the station is designed to link nature and technology, and features cast stone columns with circuit-board designs embedded as insets. The station also boasts a trellis gateway leading to the station platform. A lushly vined green wall complements the design concept, with a series of openings that highlight the high-tech environment while creating inviting green spaces.

Station artist Frances Merritt Thompson created images of prominent local organizations, companies and individuals – including John B. Floyd and his wife Julia, the original property owners who farmed the property – which are depicted on translucent panels in the canopy trusses.

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